3.1 Phillip Lim – Girls on Bikes

Take a peek at the latest video which features the upcoming A/W 2011 womenswear collection for 3.1 Phillip Lim. Besides the garment featured in the collection, I couldn’t help but to admire the cinematography and essence of the video. Pure ART!!

Antonio Azzuolo Fall 2011 Collection

One of the Designers out there who I feel is one of the most underrated would perhaps be Antonio Azzuolo. One of the most notable details about Azzuolo is his incredible tailoring, which was shown in the Ralph Lauren Black and Purple Label lines prior to his own brand.

The Toronto native new collection is simply breathtaking! Quite frankly I do not know where to start! Classical staples are being transformed with powder colors of sky blue, nude/neutral tones of khaki and black, and a small pop of red. Despite the fact there were not much red in the color, it still grounded the collection from being too soft or cool.

The blazers in the collection are slim cut with a contrast in the collar and/lapels. The material of wool, tweed, etc. were given a modern twist along with the crewneck sweaters in bottom garments as well. The outerwear possessed an intersting nomadic element to the collection, which appears to have fused alot of elements which were all cohesive to the piecces.

I love everything this man has done throughout all of his collections. This is another lookbook inspiration for those who are looking to find a template (whether its the color palette or style of the collection conveys) for their fall wardrobe!

John Galliano fall collection 2011

Embracing the dark aesthetic fueled with dramatic emphasizes, There is no question within a doubt John Galliano is one of the most creative fashion designers regards towards theme. The collection has keen focus on the outerwear and underwear. It was kinda hard to vision whether some of these pieces were practical. Art isn’t always practical; therefore, it our own prerogative to make that decision. The make truly contours the essence of Galliano’s designs. It would not surprise me if the costume designer for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are  influenced from his work!

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Jeremy Scott/Adidas ObyO fall ’11 collection

I came across these from a great friend of mine! The fall collection Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals by Originals are without a doubt creative! People were buzzing on the streets regards to the Teddy Bears joints Wayne rock’d on 106 and Park. The bones are my favorite (gotta dope as fit already on deck), but not really feeling the panda bears. what you think?

Costume National fall 2011

Costume National fall 2011 collection was done pretty well. Emphasize a dark monochromatic aesthetics of beautifully tailor suits, sweaters and outerwear. The cool hues of blue and the hit of mustard color palette surely giving us the essence early in the year. The outwear is so insane! The contrasting from the outwear gives it a little bit of edge. This is perhaps one of my favorite collections from them. Clothing which displays practicality with euro flare is always good to me!