I’m a BOSS (tweed)

The Ensemble: Tommy Hilfiger Tweed blazer; Polo shirt; Brooks Brothers Tie; Polo corduroy pants; Murano vest; River Island socks; Calvin Klein Loafers

We have basically surpassed the heart of the fall/winter season. There are some spring/summer birds are not accepting the weather from people like myself. After all, It is the best time to demonstrate your personal style through ( i.e. layering, mixing textures, patterns, etc.) as you beat the cold.

On of the fabrics I was to discuss is twed. This fabric is one of the popular ones which gives you a classical appeal without sacrificing looking like your grandfather (it is very traditional). Besides the Chanel jacket, a tweed blazer is a must have! This menswear staple give you versatility. For example, I love to fuse elements together to incorporate my style. Last I wanted to look like out of a Ralph Lauren ad or a J crew catalog (no pun intended). Afterall, it is very important to apply individual style in the mix. If you are trying to find your way, use those brands’ aesthetic as a template.

Before going to your favorite department store or online site, check out your consignment shops of thrift stores first! This necessity is essential for a couple reasons:

1. Classics never die

2. Wallet-friendly

During off-season, I purchased my  Tommy Hilfiger blazer from a local consignment shop under $40. However, If it ain’t trickin if you got it, by all means splurge on it. You will get your moneys worth for years to come; consider it as an investment.

Louis Vuitton – Fall Campaign 2012

This nostalgic shot done by Steven Meisel, is for the latest fall campaign for Louis Vuitton. Judging from the looks of the campaign, there are a lot of earth tones in the collection. It does indeed provide a perfect touch for the fall. Exotic animal print handbags are the show stopper with out a doubt. Amazing how much subtle the color palette is balance as you see the chaos is roaring through these gorgeous bags. Honestly, I was not expecting to see this Parisian fashion house to take a walk on the wild side. Its a great look (without making it look like something from Roberto Cavalli or something).

McQ fall/winter 2012 – Menswear lookbook

Presenting the lookbook for the upcoming fall/winter collection for Alexander McQueen’s diffusion line, McQ. from the previous collection, the label has taken a different take. Flaming hot red garments, tartan plaid and Cropped and fit­ted traditional fall essentials (i.e. Parkas, peacoats, etc) provides a contemporary edge.


Lanvin: Fall/Winter Women’s ready to wear 2012 collection

Lanvin’s fall 2012 collection gave a direction which I was not prepared towards! Whenever I think about Lanvin, I think about beautiful color palettes with laser cut clean lines with the greatest draping garments. The color palette was black and white. Black and White is my favorite color combination, but this is something hard to digest. This is expected from a Dior or Chanel of course.

The collection featured a textures of velvet skirts which float itself in the air with sleeveless blouses. Then creative director, Alber Elbaz flipped the scripted with a showcase of embellished dresses loaded with luxurious studs and jewels. The collection’s accessories was an attention grabber! Giving the imagination of the glamorous nostalgic women of Hollywood, the models were accessorize in mink scarves and classical gloves, which are practically non-existent in our generation!

It has been 10 years since Alber Elbaz has been with the brand. There has not been a dull moment and he only gets better.

Dries Van Noten: Paris Fashion Week – A/W 2012 collection

Psychedelic Elegance–A keynote of any Dries Van Noten collection, prints really spoke great volumes this season. Taking Oscar Wilde’s dandy and lending him an attitude befitting of music artist Frank Zappa, the season was Van Noten’s canvas. Keeping fall’s inspirations on a tight leash, the backbone of the collection was entrusted to sharp overcoats and pleated trousers, narrow and wide. With fine form at the collection’s heart, next came exciting prints in vivid colors. Dressing sweaters and pants for a psychedelic reemergence, Van Noten no doubt made a loud statement, but also delivered charm subtly with finer print motifs and luxurious fabrications such as velvet driving his effortless elegance home.


Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuittion – A/W 2012 collection

Nothing amazes me about life more than inspiration. Louis Vuitton‘s A/W collection simply made an example. Taking the inspiration from fashion illustrator, Antonio Lopez, the collection has a strong emphasis looks from the seventies and eighties. I love the suits in the collection. Louis Vuitton always play it safe, yet still strive to keep their suits modern.

Found outside tailored bliss that brushes upon double-breasted coats in camel, the baseball jackets are gonna still be in for the fall. I love how they manipulate the contrast of the fabrics with exotic skins and furs. During those times, furs were very glamorous from the pimps to the Hollywood elite. I am completely safe to say, although the inspiration derived from the seventies and eighties, these are investment pieces which would always stay chic!


Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta – A/W 2012 collection

Bottega Veneta‘s fall collection has taken incredibly dope interpretation in their suits for 2012. Their creative director, Thomas Maier, delivered a pretty dope concept of pushing the envelope. I would like to think Raf Simons could have been the inspiration based on the aesthetic Maier was trying to translate into his work.Graphic shapes are trimmed as hints of leather accentuate the monochromatic palette.I would love to rock any of these pieces. Give you a little bit of a conservative Adam Lambert and Justin Timberlake, you would have this collection.

Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter Collection 2011

Another glamorous and fly ass collection from Dolce and Gabbana. For the past collections I was having so-so feelings towards. It was not the fact they were bad, but it didn’t give me anything. Most fashionistas out there would perhaps agree with me, but I can never deny their sharp silhouettes and fine/practical designs! This collection is perhaps a favorite since their 2007 collection.  Monochromatic color palette with a bold hint of Hot intense colors of Red and Purple. Virgin Wool suits and sequin blazer displays the essence of the Dolce and Gabbana brand! These guys are perhaps my favorite designers because they cause neck breaking looks!

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Dries Van Noten 2011

Dries Van Noten fall 2011 collection was all about two tone outerwear and neutrals tone. Some of the garments were texturized with fur, i can truly see more people seeking to capture these looks. Great insipartion for the DIYers (do it yourself) out theres!

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Balmain Homme 2011

Balmain has definitely been sweeping the fashion trends like one of Bruce Lee’s leg sweeps! presenting the fall 2011 lookbook for Balmain homme collection is truly where it ats! I love the focus on the layering in each individual looks.  The color palette is perhaps ordinary, but its cohesive to the season.  Hell I wish I had Balmain Money, this is a great substitute for those who are seek to find looks from this lookbook.

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John Galliano fall collection 2011

Embracing the dark aesthetic fueled with dramatic emphasizes, There is no question within a doubt John Galliano is one of the most creative fashion designers regards towards theme. The collection has keen focus on the outerwear and underwear. It was kinda hard to vision whether some of these pieces were practical. Art isn’t always practical; therefore, it our own prerogative to make that decision. The make truly contours the essence of Galliano’s designs. It would not surprise me if the costume designer for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are  influenced from his work!

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In Stock | Club Monaco Fall/Winter 2010, Part 2

These are some of the latest garments for Club Monaco fall/winter collection 2010. Very classical pieces. Here were some of my favorites. Kudos to Porhomme.com

In Stock | Club Monaco Fall/Winter 2010, Part 2.