Bow in the presence of Greatness


Hip hop producer/rapper/designer/creative genius Kanye West is big stranger to being in the limelight. Next month he will be feature and cover August GQ issue. Due to the constant creative projects and family festivities, I am very anxious to see what GQ has in store. We all will be on pins and needles to witness the greatness ahead!

“Iron Will”

Frank Ocean – L’Uomo Vogue

Frank Ocean‘s career has sky rocketed this year! Being named Rookie of the year by GQ magazine, Working with Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay Z and a dope ass mixtape. This was indeed his year to shine! Mr. Ocean was featured in the issue of L’Uomo Vogue. One thing I love is the images really reflect his taste in music, which also complements his style as well.


Rihanna – Glamour Magazine

First and foremost, I don’t give a flipping fuck what a mothaf*&^%a  has to say when it comes to Rihanna. Besides the fact she is the future mother of my kids (in my head), She possess an “IT factor” which most people fail to achieve in their lifetime. Rihanna gracing that red wig of hers in the latest Glamour Magazine spread.       

When I say she sold it, she’s SOLD it!! Ri-Ri is dope like a pair of those Christian Louboutins with the red bottoms, you gotta have em and shoutouts to the ladies who have them because I know you glad you got em #Hov. Sometimes I have to take intervals at a time to look at her because the beauty is Fucking Ridiculous (in my Rza voice)!



Supermodel Cindy Crawford – Vogue Mexico

Before I had any form of knowledge on fashion or models, there was supermodel Cindy Crawford. She was everywhere from high fashion editorials to her own JC Penny line, but here is the latest spread for Vogue Mexico. Through the lens of Tesh, this is the first shoot I have seen from her in a long time; looks like to me she hasn’t missed a beat! Out of all the models in the world, she should be one of the first ones to be brought up.

 Officially a cougar whose letting these new generation models know how its done! She screams glamour and sexy at the same time in this spread. I have been taking extreme notice based on the models from the 90s are still getting editorial work (this 90s trend is so viral) today; however, they know how its done. I really would love to see more of her work (Tom Ford campaign would be nice). In closing, I would say there was some jealousy running in my vains from watching Fair Game with that Baldwin Guy as a kid lol. Sell that $#%@ Cindy!

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Joan Smalls – New York Times



Within the trendspotting spread of New York Times, you will have Joan Smalls. One thing about Joan Smalls is the fact she is on her hustle! The IMG model is totally in high demand regarding fashion campaigns, editorials alongside the runway. One thing I have notice about this spread is Joan Smalls has effortless beauty. The images you are looking appears she has no make up, which natural beauty is the best beauty (in my opinion).

Now don’t be wrong, I love when a woman gets pampered into diva mode, but Joan Smalls will kill every project she is apart of!

Nicki Minaj for Elle Magazine

Whether you love Nicki Minaj or not, the word to describe her is Eloquent! Nicki Minaj is breaking barriers for the female hip-hop artists by gracing her Barbie Presents Presence in Elle Magazine.  Here she is rocking a knitted mini dress and a Bodysuit by Maison Martin Margiela.  This spread is speaking volumers towards Nicki’s progression as an ARTIST!  Her integrity amongst critics and predecessors are truly eating their words because SHE IS THE ONE TO BEAT! I live! Next Stop, Vogue!