Yeezus + A.P.C.

20140702-205848-75528603.jpgEarlier this year, the streetwear and fashion enthusiasts escalated into a web frenzy about the new capsule collection with Kanye West + A.P.C. They finally launched an official date to release the collection to July 17th, 2014. So far, it’s receiving mixed reviews. Majority of the complaints are based on the somewhat high cost whereas the rest are from kanye stans (including myself) or those aware of the labels reputation.

Unlike most kanye Stan’s, I will always be brutally honest it comes to him!however, I believe no one should quickly jump the gun because the images doesn’t show a great detail on the quality. Those who are unaware, A.P.C. truly takes true pride in it’s quality and contemporary design (no busy or pretentious designer logos)! Also, the collection is exactly what it is, a capsule collection (focus on essential menswear staples); therefore, don’t expect anything off the wall because you’re not lol!
Honestly, there are couple hit and miss pieces . For example, I am not a fan of the camo t-shirt. It does appear to be unflattering colors and very bland. On the hand, I really admire the cut and quality of the white t-shirt and their knit sweaters. Where great quality lies great cost!! Kanye west does not control the cost of the garments. Chances are resellers will milk the prices more than the actual company. Despite the price debate, A.P.C. Is relatively more cost efficient than your trendy Balmain, Lanvin or Givenchy stuff you may own!

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My only gripe was the collection's approach to originality. Many of the looks were inspiration of kanye's recent ensembles made by different designers such as Rick Owens, Robert Geller, and Balmain following up to 2013's Yeezus release. There's no doubt about Kanye's unfathomable love for fashion and design, but he also cares about keeping his presentation honest.

In essence, this collection truly speaks to Kanye's current aesthetic. Whether you hate it or love it, it's gonna thrive!

"Iron Will"

AMI continues to stay true!

It’s not often you actually see a fashion show where you admire EVERY piece. Sometimes you have to break down each ensemble be somewhat satisfied or to see someone else rock with complete justice. However, AMI has been on the scene for a few short years and hasn’t missed a bit. This is a label who creates clothing for people without trying to “play fashion” by looking like jackasses!

AMI’s collection gives the “don’t take clothing so seriously” vibe. The magic is so put on something dope and forget you even have it on that’s what makes them so great! Sometimes we focus too much about who know wearing. We need to let our style do the talking!


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“Iron Will”

Marc Jacob’s Exodus from Louis Vuitton

FILE - Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis VuittonAfter 16 years creative directing with the prestigious fashion house, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs took his final bow at Paris Fashion Week. The American designer will be focusing on his namesake label. There has been speculating based on a potential departure, but it has became a reality. Throughout his tenure with the label, Jacobs created their first garment collection along with transforming Louis Vuitton from a dusty leather goods brand to one of the most virtuous labels in the world. His directional designs and collaborations with artists like Takashi Murakami, Pharrell WIlliams, Kanye West, Steven Sprouse, and Yayoi Kusama helped with their popularity to new heights!

I am not sure if it has anything to do with the market shift and 6% decline in sales or what. Bittersweet emotions would rise to those who had admire the collections throughout the years. This is like the same feeling we all had with Nicholas Ghesquiere left Balenciaga. It not easy seeing a major component from a label to depart. However, I strongly believe this is also a liberating moment for him. At the current moment, there is not confirmation on whose will replace the throne to the Parisian fashion house. One thing for certain is no one can deny the legacy he has built with the company.

Nicola Formichetti ditches Mugler for Diesel #reboot


It has been said After two years as the man in charge at Parisian fashion house Mugler, the Italian designer will take on a new role being creative director role at Diesel. Known for this futuristic aesthetic on menswear and as Lady Gaga‘s stylist, the designer might have been a fan of the occasional outlandish touch but never strayed far from his signature: minimalistic, sleek and above all wearable tailoring with flashes of neon. He will now be teaming up  with creative director and founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso.


At this stage we can only speculate what they’ve got in store, but here’s hoping he brings some of his trademark twisted sensibilities to the brand.Indeed there will be speculation of the direction the brand will be in upcoming months. With Formichetti on board, I would believe to Formichetti is gonna take a direction we will not expect. “We’re going to Reboot! Hit refresh,” says the designer “We’re ripping apart everything to re-build something bigger.” Diesel is willing to “empty their cup” in order to grow larger and stronger!
With that being said, I am thrilled to see what is in store for Diesel. Sometimes whenever we want to grow, we must empty our cup (reboot in other words). It doesn’t mean you will not retain everything you learn, but what is truly needed!

“Iron Will”


Rumor: Givenchy and H&M to collaborate in 2013

It hasn’t been 2 weeks since the launch of the Maison Martin Margiela and H&M and there is already speculation of the next designer placed on deck for 2013. early rumors are suggesting that fast fashion powerhouse H&M’s latest collaboration is to be none other than Givenchy (Gee Von Chee). Supposedly, the two labels will be joining forces in 2013. While H&M’s roster consist of Marni, Maison Martin Margiela and Versace collaborations, it would not be a surprised if this is true. Once again, this is not confirmed, but this news is completely viral at this moment!
Soapbox: My only concern is how would it affect the “Givenchy Fad” with the hypebeast out there rocking the “rottweiler” shirts or whatnot. Once upon a time, the urban community was totally aware of Givenchy (let alone failed to pronounce it correctly). Since Your favorite rappers wearing it, they want to! I appreciate EVERYTHING Riccardo Tisci has done with the label since he has arrived, but I am skeptical how this is going to turn. Lets not make this another “Ed Hardy” fad.. lol.. stay tuned.

Maison Martin Margiela + H&M 2012

Looks as if one of my favorite designers, Maison Martin Margiela will be next to capture his aesthetics with H&M’s upcoming fall 2012 collection. The Belgian designer (Parisian fashion house), who has never been photographed, will have an array of pieces for both men and women. At the moment, there has not been a lookbook as of yet for the November 15th launch date.

Far as the collection, I have no doubts. They did well with all of the collections, campaigns, etc. I questioned the Versace resort collection, but it was decent (women’s collection won it over). With Margiela, I am expecting something more European and a touch of avant grade pieces. The sneakers I will be anticipating to see whether they will make or not. If so, they are going to instantly selling to where people are going to fight over based on the low price; they are normally sold for $680.00

My only problem will be the hypebeast bragging about Margiela when they don’t know shit about him or his aesthetic besides hearing Kanye or Jay-Z mentioning him. The guy has never been seen nor photographed.. Hypebeast or not, we will have to wait and see what the lookbook is looking like really soon!

Raf Simons Leaves Jil Sander

It has been reported the Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, recently “chucked up the deuces” as creative director of Jil Sander. With this resignation, I am skeptical for his role with Dior is official or not. However, where ever Simons take this role else where is unknown for the moment neither has Jil Sander announced their replacement. Raf Simons has done a tremendous job being there close to a decade. There are some major shoes to fill in whoever the designer maybe.

Unknwn Store Launches in Miami

This weekend Lebron James’ Unknwn launched this weekend in Miami. One of his business partners happens to be no other than Chris Julian (brother of my homie/mentor Carmichael Simon) which already seals the deal on certified dopeness!!

Lebron happens to develop a great sense of style off the court. With this business venture, I am more sure its going to turn out to be quite successful. The retail store will be selling high end urban apparel such as APC, Billionaire Boys Club, Original Fake, etc. The store wouldn’t be complete if there are not going to be any exclusive sneakers!

Wonder if the Watch the Throne Lebrons will be sold exclusively at the store? hmmmm..

Joe Zee’s “All on the line” Returns

It has turned out Joe Zee, creative director of Elle Magazine will be returning for another season of “All on the line”. The season priemere will be on November 25th 9 PM ET/PT. For those fashion viewers who has not been able to watch this show, PLEASE watch it this season.

The show reflects around Mr. Zee giving his style and creative advice towards new upcoming talented fashion designers in order to brand themselves towards a massive audience. One thing that gripes me about the show are some of the designers being stubborn regards to the advice (Sidenote: shut up, sit down, take notes and humble yourself) he gives.

On the other hand, we viewers are getting indirective advice to set up a successful career any one of us would take ANYDAY!

All on the line is another fashion reality series that gives us something worth viewing. Aspiring artists DVR this and take notes!


Dior’s decision with Galliano

Apparently everyone in the fashion world is curious about the result of Galliano’s unfortunate departure from Dior. Dior has announced they will not confirm who the designer will be until the fall.. There are speculations regards to Riccardo Ticcsi of Givenchy will replace Galliano. Personally, They are smart for not letting him back. Its like having Michael Richards make an ultimate comback  while a major TV station advocating him.  Money talks at the end of the day.


Alber Elbaz for Dior???

There has been hella speculation that Lanvin’s designer Alber Elbaz will be leaving them for Parisian fashion house, Dior. With John Galliano out of the picture, this is going to be some talk if this is really confirmed. Ironically once I heard about the speculation about Hedi Slimane and Stefano Pilati, the thought of Lanvin trying to maintain the leash on Elbaz (no pun intended). After all Elbaz has performed remarkable collections (also the viral collaboration for H&M in 2010), which make this label to be one of the best out there!! If he does leave there will be the equivalent to Tom Ford leaving Gucci.


Hedi Slimane for YSL and Stefano Pilati for Armani

As of right now, there is a rumor (a source) Hedi Slimane will be working for the Parisian fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent. Being a fan of both, this is clearly beyond a win-win situation!

Slimane is widely know for his innovation regards to fashion (working  7 years with Dior and 3 years prior with YSL) and a dope ass photographer. This man is the jack of all trades. What he may bring to the table to this fashion house will display a case of unfathomable gratitude for all fashionistas; therefore, I will be impatiently waiting on the campaign ads once they launch!

So what is going to happen to Stefano Pilati? There is some speculation he will be going to be at Giorgio Armani. Now mind you this is a RUMOR so I am not totally sure. However this will be great if this comes into fruition. Come to think of it, I can be more than assure Lanvin will seek to extend Alber Elbaz‘s contract.

Also a fellow former employee for Yves Saint Laurent, His asset to Lanvin is equivalent to Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford was at Gucci. Once again this is only a rumor at the moment!