Patricia Field against trends??

If you all are in to fashion as I am, I would pray and hope you are totally aware of Patricia Field. She is the mastermind behind the women who some wished to look like Carrie and her glamorous crew from Sex and the City as well as Ugly Betty. One of the things I love about her styling is the emphasis on the characters in each series. Most people fail to realize that fashion is not only based on looking good or chic, but the ability to compliment your personality.

 In recent reports via Thefashionspot, Fashion stylist and designer, Patricia Field has  discussed her latest project with U by Kotex.  Throughout the entire interview, what stuck out the most was her opinion regarding trends. Field said, “I feel that trends go against individualism and would not suggest following trends. Ban the trend!” Quite frankly this was a total shock to me based on the fact she’s both a stylist and fashion designer. On the contrary, I totally applaud her courageous statement.

       There are many people in our society are always try to stay “on  trend”? Now is this a good thing or bad thing? Personally, it really depends how you look at the situation. People tend to lose theirselves pertaining to trends. This is the individualism being extracted she expressed. For example, how often do you see and (or) hear teenagers discuss about waking up ealry saturday morning to grab the latest pair of Jordans? Now are they doing this because they truly appreciate the Air Jordan aesthetic or the attention for having them?

 Sometimes both!  Like money, trends reflects statement to the public eye. The two choices lies whether you are on or off trend. This can diminish the ultimate individualism of a person from the exception of society’s approval.

Individualism in fashion are signature components which identify a person’s style, swag, etc.  Life constantly changes, therefore trends change.  Changes are good based on the fact it makes life more interesting. Who wants to live life  completely methodical. We would go insane right? This is way trends is benefical because it refreshed you switch up. If you have a specific look you are comfortable which compliments your character, than do that shit! Sometimes we see older people stuck with same style or trend(s) for decades. The older you get, trends can be overwhelming for one to keep up.

I do think trends can destroy individualism, but we should be aware of the times. Seek ways to maintain your sense of self while providing different variations regarding to trends. This way you will still be fresh without sacrificing your well being. Just remember that fashion is life shifting through time filled with sudden and usual changes.
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