Maison Martin Margiela spring/summer 2015 collection

The Maison Martin Margiela fashion show featured an alternative twist in their menswear collection. There is no gray area when it comes to taking fashion risks. For example, they took the concept “opposites attract” on another level with the half business trouser/denim jeans. This is not necessarily different from some of the previous collection (particularly the H&M collection). Granted some of the pieces requires an acquired approach to style. You never have to worry about everyone rocking the collection. I love it!

“Iron Will”

Jil Sander 2013 fall/winter collection


Jil Sander’s 2013 fall/winter collection has an array of attitudes ranging from tall collars, double-breasted coats, and strong reds and greens featured heavily throughout. The bold Blues and vibrant Reds is what stood out to me the most. Patterns and textures also made a strong appearance with a wide selection of pinstripes, checks and chunky knits. I am not sure if this is my favorite collection from the brand. For example, I don’t know how to feel about the sleeveless sweaters. Honestly, everything else looks great. Something is telling me its not what I get excited for when Raf Simons was at the creative director seat. I am just saying..

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“Iron Will”

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2013 Menswear Collection


Besides my birthday coming up, I would think fashion week is one of the best parts of starting the year off right. We get the chance to see fresh ideas each designer brings to the table. One of the designers who never fail to impress me is Roberto Cavalli. Due to his recent illness, his son, Daniele Cavalli, has taken the throne to deliver this collection. There is something about the designer’s fall collections which my stylish conscious mind break me down to my knees as if I was getting sidekick’d in the stomach. His cool choice of colors create a discreet volume of movement. Seeing the geometric printed shirts layered under exotic skin sleeved outerwear of Crocodile/fur leaves a subtle balanced look.

Daywear is not existant within the collection. Judging from the colors of choice, it appears the designer has a taste for the nightlife. Honestly, I don’t think that is a problem since the dark hues can be applied to according to its respective season of wear.

“Iron Will”

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Michael Vick at Fashion Week?

Making a play for the front row at New York Fashion Week: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. A source tells us that a publicist for the NFL star “is asking around for Fashion Week invites.” It sounds like Vick is keen to develop links with the fashion world by following in the footsteps of Amar’e Stoudemire, who sat front row at Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011 and later inked a deal to design a fashion line with Rachel Roy.

But we’re told Vick, who isn’t known for his sartorial sense, hasn’t quite been besieged with invites to sit with Anna Wintour and company. One Fashion Week insider told us, “Curious who will have him.”

Talk about when dogs can fly (no pun intended)! Honestly, I have never heard nor seen him brand himself as an athlete with  fashion interest. I strongly believe if this was taken seriously, he must brand himself as such and take it from there. I am very sure other fashion bloggers would back me up and reject the idea. 

Lets them all just invite everyone to fashion week! Next thing you know Lamar Odom will be considered as a fashion icon! Its great to see athletes really taking their interest in the world of fashion, but I will have to see it to believe it. 

Coming to a New York Fashion Week front row: Michael Vick –

Lanvin s/s 2011

I had to do something for the ladies out there.. Creative director of (THE) Lanvin, Alber Elbaz, never seized to fail the fashionistas out there. Earth tones have been in for the past few seasons; there should be no reason for it to leave, personally. The draping in the garment is cookin’! Seriously look like they used a laser to perfect the ayssemetrical lining. Minimal accessorizing, but the ensemble made it purpose.

There is practically nothing better than to see a woman looking at her best. She knows we are looking to on that roster, but still keeps her head up. 10’s across the board.  Lanvin kills it no doubt!