Reberth by Fhonia Ellis

Fhonia Ellis is a fashion designer/hustler who is seeking to take the hip hop fashion to a new perspective along with an avant-garde twist. Recently, the Louisville native has been working beyond measure to make her brand to be reckon with. Through the likes of Mary J. Blige, Coco and Breezy, BET’s 106 & Park, and Jet magazine, she’s off to great start! Through the lens of another Louisville native, Lana Wilson, captures the garments in a very extraordinary way! Order from her collection, here

There is a revolution going on in Louisville. Sooner or later, the world will know we are the “stockholm” of the midwest (soon as we get more people on board). She will be of the tastemakers to make it happen.

“Iron Will”

Waterfront Fashion Show in Lousville?

There has been word going on in town there will be a fashion show located at the waterfront. If anyone who has been to Louisville, they will see having a fashion show there would be such an event! Mayor Greg Fischer stated, Waterfront Park is a great fashion statement for Louisville. This statement would also brings business here. From October 17th-20th, there will be several fashion shows a day from top designers from across the US and the world will be attending. However, the big names haven’t been released yet.

I love the fact Louisville is happening to upgrade themselves by a “fashion week” to their roster; however, comparing it to New York, Paris, Milan, and London? Uh Huh!! I have to call spade a spade for this announcement because its utterly ridiculous. Although there are emerging fashion designers such as Gunnar Deatheridge and Fhonia Ellis who are on their major hustle mode towards becoming the next Alexander Wang or Patricia Field‘s within their own right.

Needless to say, the city has not branded themselves to even taken seriously nor ready for that level of aesthetics. Majority of the individuals are not setting trends. Louisville is a trend city. Some trend setters/tastemakers will not be appreciated until it’s a viral trend for others to follow (i.e. True Religion). Fashion shows are all above being forward (fashion forward) while this is a city who is slowly coming together far as trends, etc. Louisville is a conservative city where numerous don’t know anything outside of the Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada’s .. call them basic bitches if you will. Hell I don’t even try to bother ….People still think believe/treat some high street brands as couture, which it’s not!

Far as I am concerned, who are these secret designers they are speaking of?! Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Rodarte? There would be no reason for these designers to display their collections when there is barely a market for those willing to purchase the amount for one garment.

Having a fashion week, it’s so much more than the clothes being presented down the runway. It’s all about the popular people being present. You have to worry about having buyers, celebrities, and socialites to attend. These people attending to the shows will help regards to others purchasing the same items. I will admit, we are truly blessed to have numerous people coming out of the city who could make an appearance to Louisville fashion week. The only question raised is whether or not they have enough power to advise individuals to back up a particular collection or brand.

Instead of trying to compete with the fashion capitals, we should embrace the aspiring and upcoming designers and strongly acknowledge them for their work. How can we appreciate a Karl Lagerfeld while this city barely support their natives? If Anna Wintour or Andre Leon Talley shows up, I will shut the f%$# up immediately!

There are only a handful of people who seriously take fashion seriously while there are a much smaller people who actually understand and have the historical knowledge pertaining to fashion! There are some people here, besides myself, who are seeking to create a new standard for self-expression in regards to fashion, design, modeling, etc. Once everyone takes us seriously, then I shall take Louisville Fashion Week seriously, until further notice.