Fight of Flight

13033_1239643025491_7579739_n #tbt 5 years ago was a fight or flight point moment. Losing my brother really took a tow of me, which I even considered on hang up the martial arts forever (obviously, I haven’t quit). Granted, this was an unprecedented emotional experience for me; therefore, I didn’t know where to go. I mainly trained by myself, no school backing me or anything. I needed time to figure what’s my true purpose. I competed at a martial arts tournament in Cincinnati as verdict for my future direction.

13033_1239643065492_13435_nDespite my oppressing moments, defeat was not an option. I went all the way to fight for overall grand! God shown me the light to never quit no matter the circumstances and do what you are passionate about! From then on, I recognized my purpose. Personally, thank my parents and my son being at my corner through it all (celebrating my victory with my pink polo and denim jacket ūüėČ )!!

Iron Will

Emptying Cups and Bruises

Me and Sifu Taylor after practice back in 2010

Tonight my parents were gracious (as always) to watch my son while I happened to go across town for sparring practice. There is a local tournament held this weekend so I would need to get some serious cardio pumping and some nice sparring! Today some of my buddies were doing some serious sparring! Full Contact kicking threw with some major punching to follow it up! This pic below is one of my new war wounds. You can not see the true effect, but there is some major swollen and bruising going. However, in this game, you either fight or flight! Although I am a sneakerhead, there will not be any Nike Flight swinging in this direction!

 Olympic Karate in Louisville is where I have been training for about 2 years now. Considering the fact I was a free agent nearly 4 years (departure to magic hands), I have never knew the right person to guide me on my martial arts towards my next journey was right in front of me.

 My instructor, Sifu Taylor, sure does know how to direct people in the right path. I appreciate the coaching and knowledge he has bestow upon me regards to the martial arts as a whole. One thing about martial arts people tend to forget about is growth. In order for us to grow, we must empty our cup. For example, the class I was religiously attended 11 years prior was a blend of wing chun kung fu and freestyle karate. I considered myself decent in the art of wing chun, but more proficient in freestyle martial arts.

The best way to grow as a contemporary martial artist is to reinforce your tradition. This is very essential in the martial arts because the 2 basically go hand and hand. Although we must have a free spirit, yet there should be a structure to fall back upon. Relearning my wing chun from the ground up is a humbling experience. Even though I knew the application to the blocks and strikes, there was something missing, a true concept! Recently my eyes have been revealed the traditional wing chun aesthetic. If I want beyond proficiency in Wing Chun, I must “refill my cup”.

How can we expect to grow without acknowledging this process? Most of the time, water tends to overfill the cup resulting a overfloating experience. While the cup is overflowed, the water you tried to obtain is now gone. Emptying your cup never means forget what have learned. Instead, open your eyes to another perspective if you have the desire to grow! How can we say we wish to excel in fighting, kata, designing, or styling if we do not humble ourselves to empty our cups. The first step towards growth to humble yourself..