Randy Couture retiring after UFC 129

There are very few who can do what MMA fighter, Randy Couture, has done throughout his career. He has fought some of the best; On the other hand, he has lost from some of the best. Randy will be announcing an official retirement after UFC 129. He states he’ll be focusing on other ventures (i.e. acting) .

 Winning or Losing doesn’t matter to Couture. For being in his late 40s, its amazing how he can still pound for pound fight at the elite level. Mind you this fight is going to be BIG which will go down in history on April 30th. Over 55,000 thousand spectators will be capturing the great bout between him and Lyoto Machida! There are some speculation he is trying to hide from Fedor, but honestly I know a warrior when I see one. If Randy Couture wanted to fight Fedor, then he would have done it!

Retiring at the right time was a very smart thing, yet a hard one. How often do you see people still pursuing careers when the torch has already been passed down while they still trying to live their so-called prime. Most people like that are only defined from what they do. If you was the stripe away their titles, what will these people fall back on? nothing!

Along side Bas Rutten, Anderson Silva, and Rashad Evans, Randy Couture has always been one of my favorite MMA fighters. Seeking official retirement and seeing what else the world has to offer for Randy is great way to live ya life! The video below I found showcasing Mr. Couture: