Danny Graham

This is what true extreme kicking looks like (no one man should have all that power). This dude goes completely bonkers whenever he tricks! My tricking is no where near his level, but I notice his strive to be one of the greats for some time. It really does shows! Daniel Graham is another martial artist whose empasizes on martial arts tricking can be seen in various music videos, commericals and ads!

Anis interview with E! News

After the launch of the blog, I have made a couple posts on one of my favorite martial artist/tricksters, Anis Cheurfa (also featured in the Chris Brown video, Yeah 3X). This French twisting and flipping phenomen has easily wowed the martial arts world with his incredible tricking ability and ways to defy gravity! I knew about his role through a mutual friend he was going to be in the Tron movie. Who would have known it was going to be beyond a great movie! Here’s  a video interview of Anis doing it big with E!


here’s more video footage of Anis.



Trick or Die..

Martial Arts evolves just like every other art form. One aspect of the evolution is tricking. Tricking has come along way from being underground to the big screen. They range from acrobatic kicking and flips. Although, its not technically a martial arts, but Its without a doubt a way of self expression. The guy you watching is perhaps one of the most talented tricksters in the world. More coming soon!