Dudes night out!

It have been a while since I post some of my personal shit on here…. I happened to kick it with the homies this past weekend. Alot of things were poppin around the way in da ville (louisville fyi); Black and Diamond party featuring Boris Kodjoe, Meek Mills concert at the Gillespie.. For some reason I didn’t want to be around a bunch of folks being brand new and half dressed. Honestly, there was no bloody hell I would pay for an event where I see majroity of the same people at local parties #next! But the greatness of having free drinks and admission to 4th st live sealed the deal!

From time to time, frivolous spending has been a slight hobby, but whose gonna complain about free shit (we in a recession, shit is depressing)! Going to Hotel was the winner! Winning was truly an understatement because the eye candy was out saturday night! Hair did, Nail did, everything did; yeah, they was fancy..

The blASIANS took it to the hole, Kobe!

Talking about a slam dunk, thsese chicks always bring it every time! I’m superman and they are my kryptonite.. A few more drinks and I was good for the night..

My attire was ghetto chic for the most part. Raf Simons T-shirt, Ambush Pow! chain, William Rast Jeans, Asos leather jacket, and Y-3 sneakers (accessorized with a faux fur snood from Forever 21)… I was kinda bummed they didn’t let me rock my Snake skin print Miami Heat Snapback …

Swizz Beats for Complex Magazine

I must admit its quite refreshing to post something with more Urban swag regards to high fashion! Musician, Art collector, Photographer, and Designer Swizz Beatz graced the stylish pages of Complex Magazine. Simple, yet effective is the main focus. Styled in the major fashion labels such as Dsquared, Maison Martin Margiela, Dior Homme  and Givenchy to name a few, each individual look exude fearless swag (garments perfectly fitted without losing that ghetto chic is always a plus).

In the spread it emphasized the integrity Swizz had on lock as an artist. There was one part I truly appreciate when he stated:

” With clothes, I’m not scared of something different. I’m not scared of something that people might not understand. That goes back to my music—people didn’t understand what I was doing when I was doing all of those hit sounds back then. But if I had stopped doing it I wouldn’t have the legacy I do now.”

That statement was the epitome of being an true artist within the midst of  the insecure taboo’d living individuals which is what we call “society”. Normally most of the time people will never fully understand those who are not in the NORM LANE as the rest.  People hate to figure others out regards to style, speech, or whatever tickle their fancy!

The main ingredient when it comes to style or anything in life is Integrity. Possessing the positive attitude and confidence within yourself of expressing your aesthetic to the world. If we are so focused on diluting for the sake of others, then we are simply cutting ourselves short of inspiration for others.








The Entourage

I always thought this photo was a work of art.. Every outfit was totally fresh to def without the efforts of being pretentious. Pops of color is being expressed from another leaving it to be visually absorbed.. I would not be surprised if someone really make a portrait inspired from fashion and setting of this photo. Hey maybe I will with some weapons in hand instead.

Trey Songz and Melanie Fiona: Rocawear collection spring/summer 2011

They are back at it again as the faces of the recent Rocawear collection! I am starting to feel the campaign they be producing within the past several seasons. The ads are getting closer towards ghetto chic, which is a plus!