Bow in the presence of Greatness


Hip hop producer/rapper/designer/creative genius Kanye West is big stranger to being in the limelight. Next month he will be feature and cover August GQ issue. Due to the constant creative projects and family festivities, I am very anxious to see what GQ has in store. We all will be on pins and needles to witness the greatness ahead!

“Iron Will”

AMI continues to stay true!

It’s not often you actually see a fashion show where you admire EVERY piece. Sometimes you have to break down each ensemble be somewhat satisfied or to see someone else rock with complete justice. However, AMI has been on the scene for a few short years and hasn’t missed a bit. This is a label who creates clothing for people without trying to “play fashion” by looking like jackasses!

AMI’s collection gives the “don’t take clothing so seriously” vibe. The magic is so put on something dope and forget you even have it on that’s what makes them so great! Sometimes we focus too much about who know wearing. We need to let our style do the talking!


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“Iron Will”

Shade blocking


This winter has been a beast. I am not sure how I can maintain to this madness. The best thing about the winter is the ability to layer up! For example, today I have decided to rock my something basic but let the colors do the talking. Spring and summer are not the only seasons to wear color. Wearing color during the cold months must be subtle. It’s alright to have a pop of color every now and again.

Ironically, color blocking weren’t my intentions. However, this azure blue peacoat from Asos heighten the color palette of the dark green shirt from Express finished off with my slim cut jeans from Old Navy and green suede trainers by Maison Martin Margiela. Blending high and low fashion is the best. It keeps you grounded!

Jil Sander 2014 collection

1389464604056_Jil-Sander-Fall-Winter-2014-22In 2013, jewel tones color palettes were a hit and miss. Instead, we have seen a surplus amount of leather, Baroque inspired collection, and saturated amount of street goth labels. Personally, I love all 3 of them before the trend became rapid to the masses. needless to say, its time to give it a break and appreciate the simple things in life. Jil Sander‘s 2014 fall collection exhibits those things in minimal proportions. If you’re going to be basic (rather say minimal), you must possess the finest in silhouettes and fabrics. Basic garments being constructed in the finest quality is the synonymous with Jil Sander brand. What is so special about the color palette in its subtly. Who ever thought about creating plum with a blueberry blue with Emerald green, maroon, etc. Ironically, I believe each color can act as a neutral due to its subtle intensity.

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The 3 Button Vengeance


It’s amazing how the fashion cycle functions! One trend is out whereas there’s that ” it item” to obtain. With that being said, I remember not to long ago 3 button jackets (i.e. suits, blazers, sport-coats, etc) were frowned upon because they were considered outdated. To be honest, I have also fallen for that sartorial trap (within the exception of my Thom Browne blazer for Neiman Marcus Target collection). On the flip side, revolutionary designers such Junya Wantanabe, Raf Simons, and Dior Homme decided to fight against the fashion norm while challenging its “sartorial etiquette” .  In fact, they have been embracing this for the past few seasons in their collections. Based on proper suiting, its been a golden rule to only button the middle button (occasionally the first 2) and never button all three! However, these designers counter attacked with the utilization of all three! It does look appealing, but its not for everyone. I question whether if this will strike a vengeance as a major trend for others to fall sheep for or another trend to defy the old-fashioned rules (i.e. not wearing white after labor day).

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Rugby Closing

Election Day was a great for some of us Americans (Yeah I voted)… However, some American clothing brands will not be anymore by the end of the year, According to WWD, Ralph Lauren’s younger prep brand Rugby with be shutting down their stores and online shop in early 2013. I must admit this totally sucks the fact this brand will be going down. After all, there were some great collection that came out of this brand. However, the reality is that it doesn’t look much different from the Polo brand.

If you was a smart shopper such as myself, you will be monitoring the sales as the prices begin to drop as the year comes to the end. Get it while you can at

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Rondo interning for GQ

Boston Celtics player Rajon Rondo will be switching his gym bag for a man bag by interning for GQ. My fellow Louisville native will be learning a thing or two about menswear in the fashion industry. The intern will be making blog post, critiques with the fashion/style savvy magazine. Anyone who nows me will know I am a Miami Heat fan. However, Rajon Rondo is from the Derby City so I had to give some love for this post. After all, its good to see another player whose taken interest in their style along Amare’, Lebron James and D Wade. I am not hating on the guy because at least one of us is putting the city on, for now!

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Oh you fancy huh?

Dope Rapper and Producer, Swizz Beatz graced GQ’s presence for their November Issue. The editiorial is based on different ways to rock bow ties. Muslims aren’t the only people who rock these bad boys. What I love about the spread is  the versitility of each ensemble; each look had its own personality. Bow ties can be worn from the office to the streets and to club. the question is how you gonna rock it??