Leeroy Jenkins- Floral Snapback

I must say that is perhaps the most stereotypical black american name ever lol. Leeroy Jenkins is an urban apparel line which currently sells dope a$$ hats, t shirts, hoodies, etc. This floral print snapback has a vintage look, but still gives that urban appeal. You may have seen Jay Z or other artist rocking this hat. It does give a good pop whenever you wanna rock a t-shirt and jeans or go crazy and clash with different patterns.

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“Iron Will”

UNDRCRWN – Animal Print Snapbacks

The dope ass snapbacks come in various textures. Sometimes it upsets me how some people are so conservative not to wear a leopard print blazer with red python shoes or anything exotic. You are born to stand out, why blend in. One thing is for certain, I will be copping one of these bad boys. A perfect accessory to provide a killer instinct POP to your ensemble. You can cop these snapbacks at Shopundrcrwn.com