Dance with the devil

#tbt one of the reasons why I love #maisonmartinmargiela is because of a similar design of the #nike boot from the first #batman movie. The unfathomable love for the Belgian designer’s aesthetic was almost like love at first sight.. I have no idea this was the inspiration but it only sufficed to think it was!!

Lightweight sketching


I am so determined to leave from 9 to 5 world.. I do not have anything against it, but ya boy has dreams and aspirations to fulfill. Every since I was a child, small goals were nonexistent in my artistic mind. During my free time at work, I manage some time to sketch some designs for my upcoming label, Xiaolin Lotus. It’ll be starting off with t-shirts with intentions of a full fashion label.

Preparation is key. With that being said, I would like to prepare myself once the time comes to expand. This project is approximately 2 years in the making.  Louisville is not your ideal place for extreme creativity. However, who ever said creativity has a geographic location. I make it do what it do baby.. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York City, small metro city in Kentucky or a rural area in Montana, creativity is within you! Xiaolin Lotus coming soon…

“Iron Will”

Home away from home


the ensemble: my DIY shogun denim jacket, D&G t shirt, William Rast jeans, Jeremy ScottxAdidas sneakers,  POW! Necklace by ambush,(not shown) custom rings by melody enshani

Normally after work on Wednesdays, I tend to get off early and stop by one of my favorite spots in Louisville, 21c. I have posted several things about 21c. However, I can not help it because it’s one of my very places in the city where I wanna escape from reality and tap into my artistic utopia. All artists are aware that inspiration surround us 24/7. Then it’s that one specific place where its pure tranquility. Along with international artworks and embracing local talent, the best part about this museum is that it’s free!

As you seek total inspiration, find that one place where you believed it’s heaven. If cant find it, make one up!

Projekt: F.O.N – Photoshoot

Me, William Mitchell aka “Iron WIll” – Creative Director/fashion stylist/founder of Projekt; F.O.N

I have been going through a slight hiatus regards to the blogging. Needless to say, I miss sharing information to my viewers that express my aesthetics about life. However, I have been occupied getting my stuff together regards to a movement. A movement which is very needed in the Louisville area and eventually American pop culture. This movement is called, “Projekt:F.O.N” .


We are a group of stupid dope individuals who came together on some captain planet shit to save the world! Using our creativity and resources to build our passions into prespective careers is our goal. We tend to use it not only to honestly express ourselves, but also to inspire others to do the same! This is something which has never been done in Louisville. Meeting of the minds is extremely scarce in this city; everyone is out for themselves. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a group of people who understands me as much as I understand them. They are all great. We laugh, joke, and argue. We are a creative family. What we do is our life.. we are going to change alot of things…. This photo shoot is only a prelude… stay tuned!

The amazing photographers, Sowande and Reneasha behind the scenes of the shoot

“Iron Will”

Jeremy Scott Interview circa 2010

alright it is apparent that I am an avid Jeremy Scott fan! At the end, I wish for all of the people who view my blog on a regular is as well! This video was very interesting because I wanted to know his focus and inspiration behind many of his extraordinary creations. What struck me the most is fact his goal to provide a universal connection in his designs. Now that is the interpretation I got from the interview. Clearly something food for thought for many artists out there! enjoy!