Philip Lim’s transition from business school to Fashion

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Chinese-American designer Phillip Lim sits down with Lou Stoppard as part of SHOWstudio’s In Fashion interview series. He discusses his upbringing in Southern California, his seamstress mother, dropping out of business school by making his start into the fashion industry. It’s always inspiring to hear about other fashion designer’s road towards success.


Martial Arts Eye Candy: Denise Kielholtz

There is something about a sexy woman who can legitimately fight drives me insane. This eye candy martial artist goes by the name of Denise Kielholtz. She has won titles in both Judo and Kickboxing. In the interview, Denise discusses her martial arts background and accomplishments. She can definitely fight as good as she looks! The execution of her techniques are purely flawless. Not to mention, it appears she has a sense of style as well. A woman like that should be the mother of my other children in the future haha!


Georges St. Pierre Interview circa 2009

This is one of the reasons why I respect Georges St. Pierre (GSP)! I can truly believe he’s a martial artist based on the fact he gives props towards different styles (i.e. blitzing in sport karate) regards every style has its own benefit. People are always trying to bash sport karate competitors, but coming from a top MMA fighter such as GSP, what can you debate from his statement?! nothing. Appreciate the art in its entirety

Jeremy Scott Interview circa 2010

alright it is apparent that I am an avid Jeremy Scott fan! At the end, I wish for all of the people who view my blog on a regular is as well! This video was very interesting because I wanted to know his focus and inspiration behind many of his extraordinary creations. What struck me the most is fact his goal to provide a universal connection in his designs. Now that is the interpretation I got from the interview. Clearly something food for thought for many artists out there! enjoy!

UFC fighter challenge Obama.. yea REALLY??

I am not sure where people are getting the balls to talk ish about the president without the secret service not gonna handle the matter. Take this clown for instance, UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann stated he wanted to fight Obama his next fight. What was the logical behind that statement? You really think they will just let people threaten the president(bad look Dana White)? Where were you guys at the last 8 years when our economy deteriorated? Oh yeah, hail to the guy who threw the shoe at that jackass, but missed!  Anyway, here’s the Volkmann in his recent interview. More details are at the link below video…