On a mission

Always be on the move.. Never let anyone stop you from achieving your path towards being extraordinary. I have alot of things going on which its tough to balance blogging, parenting, working a 9 to 5, training, and focusing on future projects. Someone has to do it.

“Iron Will”

The ensemble: YSL t shirt, Raf by Raf Simons hoodie, William Rast Jeans, Maison Martin Margiela sneakers, Armani exchange dufflebag

Date Night

Its friday night with the Lady and myself… Its great to actually leave your current 9 to 5 and anticipate for those great weekend moments. Emmy and myself went to the Brown theater to see Anjelah Johnson perform live. She is mainly known for her MadTv performance as “Bon Qui Qui”. Endless laughs with the a beauty of mine.

After the show, We treated ourselves to some sushi and a trip to the art museum. Another night in the books!

My Ensemble: Maison Martin Margeila shirt; silk knit tie; Jean Paul Gaultier Vest; (not pictured) polo chinos; cole haan oxford shoes


“Iron WIll”

Projekt: F.O.N – Photoshoot

Me, William Mitchell aka “Iron WIll” – Creative Director/fashion stylist/founder of Projekt; F.O.N

I have been going through a slight hiatus regards to the blogging. Needless to say, I miss sharing information to my viewers that express my aesthetics about life. However, I have been occupied getting my stuff together regards to a movement. A movement which is very needed in the Louisville area and eventually American pop culture. This movement is called, “Projekt:F.O.N” .


We are a group of stupid dope individuals who came together on some captain planet shit to save the world! Using our creativity and resources to build our passions into prespective careers is our goal. We tend to use it not only to honestly express ourselves, but also to inspire others to do the same! This is something which has never been done in Louisville. Meeting of the minds is extremely scarce in this city; everyone is out for themselves. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a group of people who understands me as much as I understand them. They are all great. We laugh, joke, and argue. We are a creative family. What we do is our life.. we are going to change alot of things…. This photo shoot is only a prelude… stay tuned!

The amazing photographers, Sowande and Reneasha behind the scenes of the shoot

“Iron Will”

A Penny for your Thoughts

The Ensemble: Raf by Raf Simons t shirt; William Rast Jeans; Y-3 Sneakers; ASOS leather jacket

There is a phrase that goes, “a penny for your thoughts”. After looking at the previous commercial for JC Penny, it had me thinking otherwise. To be completely honest with you all, I always frowned upon the store. Its not really because of my appreciation to designer clothing; There was nothing which appealed to stylish young men as myself. When I found out Nick Wooster (the style king of menswear), it gave all of us the ultimate undivided attention.

The next step was to see it all for myself. Recently, I took a visit the store to check out their threads. This was a quick in and out deal, I assumed. Its turns out I was wrong. Vibrant hues of electric blue and tangerine orange stopped my tracks as I tried on blazers, cardigans and shirts. Their fitting is appealed to the average man; however, it was safe enough to go down a size to get a slight contemporary silhouette. Men’s essentials at affordable prices which could give The Gap and Banana Republic a run for their money.

Overall, the garments were not as “fashion forward”, but the company are certainly taking extreme measures to rebrand themselves. The prices and color palettes were enough to consider me to be a new customer. There is no room to front in this economy. It looks like JC Penny JCP is about to save the day!

“Iron Will”

For the Night

Sometimes I forget what the nightlife is since I am a parent. A break is necessary at times from our daily rituals. Personally, going out to clubs/bars are so dull to me. There is a lack of excitement. Its like shooting blanks whenever you have sex. Talk about a waste of life.. The only thing which makes me interested is networking and styling on them in the process… let me stop rambling lol

“Iron Will”

Ensemble: Maison Martin Margiela shirt; Silk Knit Tie from The Tie Bar; Jean Paul Gaultier Vest; Levi dark rinse Jeans; Crocodile belt

YSL’S Transition

There has been a huge confirmation which has occurred in the fashion industry. The result has delivered some raised eye brows to us fashion enthusiasts. Hedi Slimane, creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, has declared to change the label’s name to “Saint Laurent Paris“. The rage in my veins began as my blood boiled with such unfathomable anger to such drastic change. I can not explain this feeling; It’s almost like having Bush back into office.

Some people may think it’s just a simple name change, but you are absolutely wrong! You don’t change the name of something or someone who helped change the game for many people! Fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, was a true revolutionary artist. Behind those iconic “YSL” t-shirts and trendsetting collections lies incomparable moments in time. For example, He was the first designer who decided to have blacks walk in his runway shows. He threatened to pull his advertisements from French Vogue magazine if Naomi Campbell was not able to become the first black supermodel on its cover. Those were risks the french designer took to benefit others to get a change. This is a change which is needed.

Although my examples appear to be semi-bias because I happen to be a Black man, but that is not the case. Opening the door for individuals to be recognized is what the “Yves Saint Laurent” brand means. I am all about giving people a chance to shine when the world opposes it. Black, White, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, etc. I doesn’t matter because we all have something to offer in the world. I truly admire/respect Hedi Slimane’s position and accomplishments in the fashion. Changing the name is like someone remaking the Thriller album, its just something you do NOT change! I call Yves Saint Laurent the Abe Lincoln of Fashion.

“Iron Will”

Enter the Dragon – Nike Air Force One

I was quite bummed I was not able to purchase the highly anticipate Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers last weekend. Once I received an email about these sneakers, they gave me some slight ease. This will be the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 as they will enter the dragon on these joints! Taken inspiration from dragon boats and traditional Chinese dragon iconography, the texture of upper is red suede which imitates dragon scales while the bright blue leather accents and outsole represents water. Lower top include a gold Nike swoosh, a knitted tongue and an extra set of red shoe laces. Being a Chinese martial arts practitioner, its a hella dope sneaker to actually wear to show off that “martial fashion aesthetic”

Honestly, I the last pair of Air Force One’s I bought were the PlayStation sneakers in 2007. Judging from this colorway and design, I will be impatiently waiting for their June 23rd launch date!


“Iron Will”

I get it Customed…

After treading a bad taste in my mouth from work, I was not in a happy mood. The life of a 9 – 5 job is not really my cup of tea but it has for the little bills (and garments). One thing that will make me happy almost more than anything is retail therapy! Retail therapy being delivered at the right moment was a blessing from GOD!! As I opened the package, I realized my custom rings from Melody Ehsani finally arrived.

The name I chose was “Iron Will”. Iron Will is martial arts name I chose to adopt for myself. Traditionally, martial artists in dojo always had names which describes their abilities or attributes. Iron is known to be one of the strongest metals. Metaphorically, the word “Iron” reflects strength while “Will” possess the ability to confidence and integrity within the individual (also its my name for short). Through the challenges in life, I strongly believe to face it head on with determination and discipline. We all need these traits whenever we are trying to accomplish our goals.I will always look at these rings as a characteristic God gave to me. It’s amazing how martial arts can symbolically be translated into fashion.