Drunkin’ Master


Old Skool Kung Fu films.. They don’t make them like they use to! I must admit the dubbing was quite cheesy and the sound effects were a tad bit late. However, those elements is what made it great! It was the epitome of an imperfectly perfect product. I love how they use to make reference of how prospective students would relentlessly ask a master to be their students. Their relentless behavior is not like what it is now. No one wants to be a student. They want the easy way out. A black belt or mastering a style is so much more! It’s a right of passage of one’s skill. How things have changed.. Gotta love nostalgia

Simply Gorgeous

In my opinion, this is probably one of the best fighting scenes during the late 90s. Jackie Chan is widely known for his spectacular and unique martial arts choreography throughout his career. Through the influences of the late comedic actor Buster Keaton and Chinese Opera combat and acrobatics, Jackie has created something martial artists and non-martial artist would enjoy filled humor and finesse! Majority of his main scenes provide a particular message. In this scene from the romantic film, Gorgeous, Jackie was an out of shape business defeated from an outdoor boxing match from the opponent (Bradley James Allen) shown in the video. Due to his defeat, he seek to train more frequently (not for competition, but for himself). His dedication for training showed us how much we need to always sharpen our skills so we can ready at all times.

The opponent offers him a rematch which he accepts. The choreography displayed beautiful striking and aerial kicking while complimented the individual fighting styles. Eventually, Jackie recognized he must alter his fighting style to overcome his opponent. Naturally, the alternate style was more fluid and “bespoken” to him. Sometimes, it takes a few hits for us to wake up and change our current position to outweigh those particular outcomes.  I love the contrast on the stylish minimal black and white ensembles as it reflect the yin-yang concept throughout the match! This is one of my favorite fighting scenes ever!

Jackie Chan Vs Benny the Jet

THis is a classic fighting scene from Meals on Wheels! Old school Jackie is always the best in my opinion!! The beauty of the fight was not from the choreography. It was more from Jackie realizing the only way he can conquer his fight is to doing what he does best! In life, we should look at all of our confrontations as such!

Fight Mode #Dubstep

featuring a montage of some of the most illest fighting scenes within the past couple generations. Mixing the sounds of dubstep and hop socky kung fu action is truly a beast!! The editing in the film was pretty dope. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

House of Fury

This movie was made for quite some time now, but its great to actually see people compete and play in movies with your favorite martial arts stars. Jake Strickland was a national sport karate champion several years back. Its quite interesting both him and Taylor Lautner use the Bo staff.

Here is a scene of the young Jake Strickland displaying his flashy Bo techniques in Jackie Chan’s House of Fury.

Here is Jake

Jackie Chan is so Revolutionary in “1911”

Its unreal to realize Jackie Chan has been in about over a 100 films. Naturally yo would think someone stop and retire. Unlike Jackie, stop filming will not be anytime soon. His latest Hong Kong film will be taken on a serious role depicting a war in 1911 which changed China forever! Jackie plays Huang Xing, an actual solider from Xinhai Dynasty which followed up to the plunge of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty’s plunge lead to revolution lead to country to be referred as the “republic of China”.

Jackie Chan has been widely known around the world for his dynamically campy action films with death defying stunts. On the other hand, he has recently taken more serious roles into consideration. The Drunken Masters and Rush Hour series are fine regards to comedy, but playing a role with significant meaning give the Jamie Foxx approach with Ray Charles in “Ray”.  This film defaces what people tend fight nowadays.People now only fight for fame, glamour, or any superficial reasons.

I must admit it would appear to be hypocritical for me to make such a statement when I blog or write about fashion (besides martial arts). Instead, I try to write about the artistry/inspiration behind the designer’s themes.  Jackie’s epic shows what people should really fight for. Revolutions reforms the functions of politics and traditional (fixed) thinking. Hoping I will do the same with this blog.

Shaolin – Jackie Chan

Presenting the trailer of Jackie Chan‘s next upcoming film, Shaolin. Its pretty tough to judge a movie based on the trailer. However, I must say the movie appears to be focused on a true concept along with cutting edge martial art scenes. Every since Ang Lee‘s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The foreign martial art films have been stretching the envelope regards to their plot as the choreography. Doubt this movie would be on the level as Crouching Tiger, but it look pretty convincing.

The Karate Kid Review

Sorry I have been late on some of this stuff. The Karate Kid is on sale for DVD and DVR. Jaden Smith plays the main character, Dre Parker whose moves from Detroit to China with his mother (Taraji P. Henson). Dre finds himself in a “fish out of water” experience in China when he is constantly bullied from the students there. Eager to learn martial arts was not going to be a simple task from local handy man, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan).

Dre realized martial arts is not only to fight, but also self respect and others. Martial arts taught him to use his skills into his daily life. Many martial artist out there were quite cynical about the title; however, it was definitely refreshing to see a classic movie being shown from a different aspect. I was a little bit skeptical, but the high roundhouse kick gave me the benefit of the doubt.

The fight scenes were great and there was alot of “Will Smith humor” as well.  How many people out there have been through trials and tribulations from not being accepted due to race, culture, gender, religion, etc. I personally have not had that problem, but this really touches the people who are out there who experience this. Knowing not to give up is the main goal. You must have confidence and faith to overcome such circumstances. It wasn’t an easy process for Dre, which is what makes the movie much better. Definitely not knocking the hustle of that family because they really getting it in!