Justin Beiber enters the ShaolinGruv aesthetics at the Grammys

This performance was pretty dope!! ShaolinGruv and martial arts tricking is totally getting its recognition outside its underground success from sport karate! This is becoming a trend seeing martial arts and dancing colliding in a mainstream scale! Totally glad to see martial artists I have known and met for years doing it big! Mortal Kombat style ninjas performing martial arts with an 8 count as the crowd is amazed. This is not XMA people! I see you out there Sammy Vasquez (50 cent/Llloyd’s lets get it in video). Here are some other videos which demonstrates the ShaolinGruv aesthetic!

The Karate Kid Review

Sorry I have been late on some of this stuff. The Karate Kid is on sale for DVD and DVR. Jaden Smith plays the main character, Dre Parker whose moves from Detroit to China with his mother (Taraji P. Henson). Dre finds himself in a “fish out of water” experience in China when he is constantly bullied from the students there. Eager to learn martial arts was not going to be a simple task from local handy man, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan).

Dre realized martial arts is not only to fight, but also self respect and others. Martial arts taught him to use his skills into his daily life. Many martial artist out there were quite cynical about the title; however, it was definitely refreshing to see a classic movie being shown from a different aspect. I was a little bit skeptical, but the high roundhouse kick gave me the benefit of the doubt.

The fight scenes were great and there was alot of “Will Smith humor” as well.  How many people out there have been through trials and tribulations from not being accepted due to race, culture, gender, religion, etc. I personally have not had that problem, but this really touches the people who are out there who experience this. Knowing not to give up is the main goal. You must have confidence and faith to overcome such circumstances. It wasn’t an easy process for Dre, which is what makes the movie much better. Definitely not knocking the hustle of that family because they really getting it in!