A Date with Miss Wu

Jason Wu’s new contemporary line, Miss Wu, is all about girlish whimsy. So it’s fitting that the designer came up with a free-spirited, feminine film to showcase his first collection. “As my main collection has evolved to be sexier and more evocative, I wanted the sweeter side of my design sensibility to be preserved,” says Wu of his new range, which, priced between $190 and $800, launches today at Nordstrom. Inspired by iconic couples—like Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger, and Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg—the collection’s easy striped sweaters, laid-back cardigans, flirty frocks, and floppy hats have a decidedly French feel. So, too, does the short, which, directed by Todd Cole, was influenced by French New Wave films, specifically those made by Jean-Luc Godard.


Jason Wu – Pre-fall collection

Presenting the images for Jason Wu’s pre fall collection 2012. I would have to be honest, I have been aware of Jason Wu, but never really take the time to pay attention to his work (until Michelle Obama paid homage for the dress he designed for her). This collection is extraordinary! nice silhouettes, beautiful jackets, and a nice balance of fur surely does the trick! He really is showing he’s going to be one of the premiere American designers like Oscar De La Renta, Michael Kors and others. The cuts and the color palette delivered a Marc Jacobs-esque element, but maybe that was just. Needless to say, this is a great collection. This is classical American womenswear that can be passed down to generations. I am eagerly anticipating on what tricks he’s gonna pull out for the target collection.

Jason Wu’s collection with Target

Following by the incredible success Target had with their Missoni Collaboration, its now time they are willing to add Jason Wu to their roster.  Jason Wu told WWD (womens wear daily) he is very excited about making garments to a wider audience for affordable prices.

The clothing is going to be what every woman would love to wear, chic and wearable. The quality of fabric shall not compromise the quality, which is a plus!  His collection will have a variety of looks which includes evening and day wear (my guess the first lady would be like the total inspiration of this collection).

This is going to be a great way for the mass market to grow with him as a designer like they did with Oscar De la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren to name a few. He was taken quite notice from the dress Michelle Obama rocked for the inauguration ball. There’s has not been an official release date for the collection, yet.

Couture in the 21st century

Harrods publishing and Rankin have came up for a book to add as a great reference for all fashionistas!





Couture in the 21st Century contains interview with some of the Most well known fashion designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Jason Wu, Giorgio Armani, etc. Each designer gives their perspective in couture and what its currently standing today. A great hoiday gift and excellent reference to any fashion lover. You can cop this at Amazon.com and many other book stores around your way!