Be Owt!! SS14 rick owens womenswear collection

There has been talk about fashion designers who neglect to allow black women enough opportunity to strut the runway as their counterparts. Beauty is not determined by collection. Do they fear their label shall become a liability to attract ratchetness and diminish their hard work and efforts to become a powerhouse? Well, Christian Louboutin and Michael Kors are still relevant; therefore, the annotations shall be seated. Needless to say, it took an American fashion designer who felt ostracized from the American ideology to migrate to Paris. His name is Rick Owens..

Rick Owens has always executed stunning collections. He is the forefather of the Goth Ninja movement. His avant garde aesthetic is shown gratitude from fashion enthusiasts to celebrities such as Jay Z, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, and especially A$AP Rocky. This time he has taken a left turn from the norm by showcasing his Spring/Summer 2014 womenswear collection with black models. Keep in mind, these models are not your typical models who look like superficial barbie dolls..The runway show was already shown at an intense start as the models began a militant charged synchronization. The stepping reminds me of my days being on the yard in college! Stomping down the runway beautifully structured garments in neutral tones of gray, black and ivory.

These models are from all shapes and sizes. A designer who lacks integrity who never dare to compose a collection with a high number of black models (let alone if they are past a size 6)! Garments were not walked in human hangers. These are women walking. Women who are being represented as you are walking down the street, at the store or in the office. Rick Owens is taking the Yeezus approach to break the system of what art and fashion should be represented. The shackles are beginning to break thanks to an American fashionable outcast such as Rick Owens. However, I am concerned if this was executed with pure generosity. It would be ashamed if this solely used as shock value. In the meantime, I salute to you sir! Job well done!!


Puttin’ on for the City

The final four is only a few days and everyone in the city are anxious for the most biggest game against rival, Kentucky Wildcats. F*&^ what you heard or what you think, but I love seeing big celebrities such as Jay Z, Drake and Chris Brown are putting it on for my state and hometown.

I am naturally repping #cardnation (Louisville) because that it’s where I live, but long as one of the two bring it out home for us is good enough for me! It suck sometimes people in your home town don’t wanna rep where they are from. They wait to go to some metropolis city in order to “claim” it. Stop fronting! Sooner or later, I’ma put on for my city (in my Jeezy voice)

Billionaire Boys Club sold out to Rocawear… naw!!!

Within the past couple weeks the net has been going rather skeptical based on the rumors of Jay Z buying out Pharrell‘s BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) . The main concern was the fact the specialty fact going to be available in department store. The verdict is NO.

The brand isn’t much of a bought out, but rather a partnership between the two pop cultural icons. Jay Z knows business at the end of the day. People would need to understand he doesn’t have a net worth of $425 million for nothing. A competent knowledge of demographics and awareness of the attraction of one’s aesthetic is important in a successful business.

Losing the entire BBC aesthetic for the benefits of Rocawear would be completely diminished it. Can you imagine Diddy trying to buy out Roc Nation from Jay. It wouldn’t happen nor would the public. Rocawear was sold back in 2007 for over $ 240 Million while the licensing and marketing Jay Z still controls.

BBC will remain the same.. It would not be sold to the masses; Rather it will continue to be sold at High End Boutiques such as RSVP gallery and others. I under people want to be exclusive, but geez lol!