One of the best things in the world is personal time. Sometimes I like to think and view how I wish to create my utopia. Reflection allows me to evaluate my present actions.  Depending on my raw desire to reflect, I possess the full capability to changed, personally. Honestly, we possess this characteristic while some choose to do so. There should never be a limitation of our true worth. We, as individuals, are priceless specimens who can change the world around us. Before there can be another further action, we must reflect.

Shirt: Forever 21; Short: Polo Ralph Lauren; Hat: Forever 21; Shades: 80s Purple; Sneakers: Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO

Father/Son flow at the highlands

This past weekend I happened to take my son out for ice cream and walk around the highlands in Louisville..I was very resistant on the idea, but how can I say “no” to my son lol? One thing about my son is the fact he knows what he wants and will not stop to get it. It inspires me how much a small individual can be more driven than more grown ups despite how big or small things appear! I don’t think he is spoiled. He is just loved by yours truly.

In the photo, I chose to take my biker look look which consisted of my favorite ASOS leather jacket, my Dolce and GabbanaMickey Mouse” graphic t-shirt, John Varvatos Jeans, and the Jeremy Scott Adidas hi-tops (very rare shoe to find).. The look was entirely inspired from my son’s love for Mickey mouse. Although the shades and jacket provided an edge, but the shirt and sneakers neutralized the ensemble with a softness of an iconic child cartoon character. There is some uncertainty he does not know how much I spend for those pieces just to express a love he has.. Even though I still like the garments, I mainly did it for him.

Adidas originals by originals Jeremy Scott – spring summer 2012

Earlier last year, I have posted some of the latest sneakers Adidas ObyO were launching for this year. Jeremy Scott has brought us more innovation a little bit more than we can obtain! The collection displays from nostalgic silhouettes to of the chart designs. How far do you tend to go with your sneaker game?

Jeremy Scott 2NE1 Collage wings

You simply never know what you are getting when it comes to Jeremy Scott. Man I tell ya this guy is starting to release shoes out as much as Jordan. I seriously can not keep up. The other day I literally purchased the streetball hi top sneakers. With a pop of color with a mix of faux cow fur, you have a work of art. Be on the lookout for these bad boys in November.  Talk about an early Christmas present!

Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO Spring/Summer collection 2011


Presenting the latest sneaker designs for Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO for next year.  There is certainly no question whether Jeremy stretches the envelope when it comes to fashion and design, but you can not take away the man’s aesthetics!  I am not really feeling the Ape one, but the everything else is going to be placed on a check list. Lil wayne rocking the latest JScott kicks makes me quite envious (lol), but dude certainly has the attitude for them. It is rumored the shoes will be available close towards this time in 2012. What you guys think?

Peek a Boo

Folks out there would like to know WTF is the concept of these shades. With avant garde designer, Jeremy Scott, on the project, should never be any words to describe! The glasses that are featured are the recent collaboration with Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott.

Both of these designers are well known for their innovative yet appealing items! There are currently two different colorways on the shades, which are pretty standard sunglasses colors. Any other colors would perhaps looks like they came out of a beauty supply store along the rest of the bootleg items, #knockitoff.

 Honestly, these glasses seems to be an evolution of the shutter shades worn by Kanye West in the stronger video (FYI, Sho’  Nuff Rocked them before Ye did!). 

Some folks out there would complain the above average price ($260); however, the question is would rather be exclusive or like everyone else. Hell I would be crazy enough to buy these and rock them like there’s no tomorrow!  Some people are afraid to open their eyes and seek to broaden their horizons. shame on them!

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they are actually sold here

Jeremy Scott Interview circa 2010

alright it is apparent that I am an avid Jeremy Scott fan! At the end, I wish for all of the people who view my blog on a regular is as well! This video was very interesting because I wanted to know his focus and inspiration behind many of his extraordinary creations. What struck me the most is fact his goal to provide a universal connection in his designs. Now that is the interpretation I got from the interview. Clearly something food for thought for many artists out there! enjoy!

The JS Bear

So check it I have previously discussed about my opinion based on  the Jeremy Scott bear sneakers a while back.  I will admit, I questioned whether to pursue them or not because of damn bear on the shoe. Being different from the norm is what I tend to go for. Its not easy to pull off sure shoe or a different style in fashion!

Well my package arrived soon as I got home. Happy was simply an understatement! This shoes is definitely sold out everywhere. I was so skeptical whether or not I was going to blessed with such a shoe. Determination was the goal and fashion definitely means go over the limit at times (bought the shoe a size smaller just to have them. oh well #kanyeshrug)!

It looks like my prediction was accurate because Lil Wayne was seen rocking these bad boys on 106 and park on New Years. All of the sudden, everyone wanna know about Jeremy Scott. Its a double standard for me because I love his creations and everyone can’t wear them.

Jeremy Scott deserves all of the best because he is that dope, so his stuff should always sell out! Avant Garde exudes through his vains and that is why everyone should wear them. It just take away the greatest of an item when a person’s persona does not equate to the stuff they rocking! Coogi and Jeremy Scott don’t mix, but that’s just my prerogative! Anyone who has this shoe, all hail to you guys! This is truly a neck breaker, Steven Seagal.

Jeremy Scott/Adidas ObyO fall ’11 collection

I came across these from a great friend of mine! The fall collection Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals by Originals are without a doubt creative! People were buzzing on the streets regards to the Teddy Bears joints Wayne rock’d on 106 and Park. The bones are my favorite (gotta dope as fit already on deck), but not really feeling the panda bears. what you think?