Kick the Hype

vogueGivenchy designer Riccardo Tiscwent on instagram straight flexing with his sneaker collaboration with Nike for Vogue Magazine (styled by Grace Coddington). Pictured with supermodel,Joan Smalls draped across his shoulders was a kodak moment. Granted the photo of the Vogue‘s editorial wasn’t clear as expected. Needless to say, it was enough for the hypebeasts to start saying their tax money for the highly anticipated sneaker.The Air Force 1 Hi Boots would be retailing for $225 at select Nike stores. It appears Nike is not ready to play nice with the folks after Kanye dunked on them during his recent interviews. I find it hard to believe the two (Yeezy and Tisci) don’t discuss the athletic company of their sudden decision. At the end of the day, they are not going to break a friendship regards to a cooperation. It wouldn’t surprise me if the sneaker is launched around the same time as Kanye’s sneaker with Adidas. Only time will time.

Iron Will

Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls – House of Style

MTV‘s House of Style is going to be making a comeback with my 2 favorite models, Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss.

The news was announced last night during the VMAs (I was too busy watching the Democrat National Convention instead #shrugs). Together, the 2 will be bringing the music and fashion world together just like their predecessors Rebecca Romijn, Cindy Crawford, etc.

Despite the fact the once popular show was around before either of us were interested in fashion, it has changed. It will be great to see how they present these two worlds as they venture behind the scenes of fashion shows, photo shoots and music videos. I am very eager to see how they host the show. I am very sure they will slay it on the camera as well as the runway!

“Iron Will”

Joan Smalls – My Everything

I strongly believe every man always had that model they would love to date.. Well, mine is Joan Smalls! This has to be a monumental moment for the supermodel as she is covered in her first Vogue cover (May Issue of Australian Vogue)! Glamorous and the effortless sex appeal is the beauty of her. This cover shot is one of the best I have seen for the magazine in a while. I am so sure to seeing artists or celebrities gracing the cover. Besides your Naomi Campbell’s, Kate Moss, who achieved the status for special bookings (thanks for educating me Jeremy Dante) , It’s great to see her stepping towards those foot steps. After seeing the her shot on the lust list for GQ, I was locked on to her seductive looks and god given beauty. She is everything!


Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls – Chanel S/S 2012 campaign

It appears that models Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls are synced in “All white everything” for the latest campaign ad for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld happens to be a pretty good photographer. This image is slightly different from some of his recent, which is a good thing.

Gucci 2011 Fall Campaign


Whenever you think about Gucci (not the rapper), You automatically think about Luxury goods. This latest Fall  campaign 2011 for Gucci gives this to ya! Throughout this campaign consists of leather goods, immaculate tailoring menswear, and of course THE Joan Smalls! Doesn’t she look like someone you wanna introduce to ya mama and marry? Anywho, back to the ad..  None of the looks appeared to be dated leaving a classical Gucci aesthetic. Judging from some of the ensembles, it would not surprise me if high street brands would be slightly influence with such a collection as this.

Joan Smalls – New York Times



Within the trendspotting spread of New York Times, you will have Joan Smalls. One thing about Joan Smalls is the fact she is on her hustle! The IMG model is totally in high demand regarding fashion campaigns, editorials alongside the runway. One thing I have notice about this spread is Joan Smalls has effortless beauty. The images you are looking appears she has no make up, which natural beauty is the best beauty (in my opinion).

Now don’t be wrong, I love when a woman gets pampered into diva mode, but Joan Smalls will kill every project she is apart of!

Iman, Iman, Iman

For the martial artist out there, I didn’t make a typo. Today I am referencing about Iman, not Ip Man (coming soon…).

Last night I was getting some food on the go before heading to the crib. There was this chick I know who apparently said I was gorgeous (no lie).  She turns out to be a friend of mine, Aaliyah. This Somalian beauty really gives me Iman. Unfortunately, I’ll gotta prove pics later unfortunately; however, coming from the similar looks of Iman, can I get a hell yea lol??! Iman is so cookin’! Beauty exudes every fiber of her body. She, Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman,Joan Smalls, Janeil Williams, and Kate Moss will never do me wrong. Definitely like wine when it ages, I live!!!