Dior’s decision with Galliano

Apparently everyone in the fashion world is curious about the result of Galliano’s unfortunate departure from Dior. Dior has announced they will not confirm who the designer will be until the fall.. There are speculations regards to Riccardo Ticcsi of Givenchy will replace Galliano. Personally, They are smart for not letting him back. Its like having Michael Richards make an ultimate comback  while a major TV station advocating him.  Money talks at the end of the day.


John Galliano Suspected from Dior

I was going through my twitter just recently. There was a significant traffic regards to John Galliano. Comes to find out John Galliano was arrested last night for alleged assaults and anti-semitic insults towards a couple in a Paris Cafe’ . He is not suspended from creative director of Dior, which will not tolerance any kind of behavior as such.

No company or brand would ever want to be stigmatized for any hateful insults regards to race, sex, religion, etc.  This is totally shocking, but what in life isn’t? All of that talent wasted. Lets see how he’s gonna come back on this one.. stay tuned

John Galliano fall collection 2011

Embracing the dark aesthetic fueled with dramatic emphasizes, There is no question within a doubt John Galliano is one of the most creative fashion designers regards towards theme. The collection has keen focus on the outerwear and underwear. It was kinda hard to vision whether some of these pieces were practical. Art isn’t always practical; therefore, it our own prerogative to make that decision. The make truly contours the essence of Galliano’s designs. It would not surprise me if the costume designer for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are  influenced from his work!

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