The Prophet of Martial Arts- Grandmaster Henry Cook.

sifu cook
When it rains, it pours. My spirit was heartbroken due to the news of my grandmaster recently passed. For years, I always heard many extraordinary stories about him with my sifu. I knew he was great because he taught my instructor. How can a small frail man be so powerful and skill? the truth skill has absolutely NOTHING to do with size and strength. It’s in the spirit of the individual. The warrior spirit has no discrimination; therefore, he was epitome of that!

cookGrandmaster Henry Cook was (always will be) one of the patriarchs of the martial arts/science community in Louisville. The martial arts community is molded by his knowledge, integrity, and skill. The 7 Wind Flying Fist System was founded on June 29, 1973 by Grandmaster Henry Cook, who is well versed in the field of martial arts. His knowledge of both Martial Science and combat were outstanding.

The grandmaster and myself (along with my son) several years ago.

The grandmaster and myself (along with my son) several years ago.

Grandmaster Cook was all about the life of budo (the martial way)! There was never a moment how love of the art did not express him.  Despite his heavy training  He gave significantly back to community increase awareness for women to protect themselves in domestic violence, rape, etc. During the 70s and 80s, he created the Nightwatch, an organization whose target goal was to protect the people in their neighborhood. Throughout the years, he has achieved many awards and build a great rapport throughout the region. A fighter who lived 25 years after the doctors told him he was not going to make. He managed to inspire many more people (including myself) through the course of those years. As your spirit resonate through many of us, you and your teachings will never be forgotten.


U.S.A. Female Combatants makes history at 2012 Olympics

The United States Judo Team had never won a gold medal. All that changed when Kayla Harrison won gold in the 78 kg (171.9 lbs) weight division in a 2-0 win over British judoka Gemma Gibbons. This is a great start for Harrison as this being her first time competing in the Olympics. At the age of 23, she is still fairly young to push the envelope. She attended the 2008 Olympics to train with eventual bronze medal-winner (and current Strikeforce MMA champion) Ronda Rousey, who inspired her.

 While 2012 is the first year to allow women’s boxing to into the Olympics, history was made when cover girl model, Marlen Esparza, was the first woman on team USA to win a match. Her success to be the first doesn’t start there. The Texas native was also to the first Hispanic Olympian to be the face of Cover Girl and the first female boxer to be featured in a major fashion magazine to cover the sport of women’s boxing. Vogue’s mention of her 62-2 record and 6 national titles to take a nice for the reader’s attention.

Its mind-boggling to see how people feel like women can not do anything opposed us males. One thing I have learned early in the martial arts is to never underestimate anyone. Race, Gender, Age, sexual orientation, etc. has nothing to do with skill. Naturally age inevitably requires adjustment. Nevertheless, it’s not an ultimate hindrance. Performing on a high level such as the Olmypics is truly inspiring!

Martial Arts Eye Candy: Denise Kielholtz

There is something about a sexy woman who can legitimately fight drives me insane. This eye candy martial artist goes by the name of Denise Kielholtz. She has won titles in both Judo and Kickboxing. In the interview, Denise discusses her martial arts background and accomplishments. She can definitely fight as good as she looks! The execution of her techniques are purely flawless. Not to mention, it appears she has a sense of style as well. A woman like that should be the mother of my other children in the future haha!