Julius – 2012 A/W Collection

Julius, oh how much I love that name (it was my brother’s name)! cult Japanese brand JULIUS has established an avant-garde look that retains the gothic styling of past signature collections. With an all black palette, designer Tatsuro Horikawa tends to give a somewhat Rick Owens approach with its futuristic looks. I love the draping on the Top garments! It really delivers an androgynous feel.


letting it go

Julius' Black Belt

In order for us to take a step forward in life, we must let somethings go. One of my most prized possessions is my brother’s black belt. It is very special to me because it reflects the hard work and bond through our short journey together in the martial arts.

Julius had some of the most perfect kicks you will ever see! The speed, precision, and technique was like Chun Li mixed with Hworang from Tekken. It was always great to see us work out; ultimately it would be real fight opposed to sparring. Ironically we could not stay mad forever and laughed it off at the end of class. Even though he was  (is) my younger brother, he was always by my side (from the beginning to the end). He was my coach, cheerleader, and most importantly, my best friend.

His life ended over 2 years ago due to a fatal car accident (talk about neverending sorrow). Saying goodbye at his funeral, I placed my black belt in his coffin. My black belt was the most sentimental thing to ever give someone. Everything I worked hard for that belt went down with him. On the contrary, there was his belt.

I have worn his belt every since. It has shown alot about myself, which I wasn’t aware! I endure strength, wisdom, and humbleness. This new journey lead to winning several grand championships, fought/trained amongst the best martial artists and meeting extraordinary people I could only dreamed of!  It was all in the motivation for his honor; however, he eventually told me it was time move on. Moving on meant letting go of the belt.

Julius is right though, it is time to let it go. Often times letting something go that is essentially vital to you is extremely hard to do. The burden is hard to release. The real question is how? Faith, persistence, and more faith. Self reflection is mandatory!! We want to pay tribute for those special people, but they lived their lives. We have to do the same thing. Just use their life as a lesson towards success and just let it go.