Bow in the presence of Greatness


Hip hop producer/rapper/designer/creative genius Kanye West is big stranger to being in the limelight. Next month he will be feature and cover August GQ issue. Due to the constant creative projects and family festivities, I am very anxious to see what GQ has in store. We all will be on pins and needles to witness the greatness ahead!

“Iron Will”

Yeezus + A.P.C.

20140702-205848-75528603.jpgEarlier this year, the streetwear and fashion enthusiasts escalated into a web frenzy about the new capsule collection with Kanye West + A.P.C. They finally launched an official date to release the collection to July 17th, 2014. So far, it’s receiving mixed reviews. Majority of the complaints are based on the somewhat high cost whereas the rest are from kanye stans (including myself) or those aware of the labels reputation.

Unlike most kanye Stan’s, I will always be brutally honest it comes to him!however, I believe no one should quickly jump the gun because the images doesn’t show a great detail on the quality. Those who are unaware, A.P.C. truly takes true pride in it’s quality and contemporary design (no busy or pretentious designer logos)! Also, the collection is exactly what it is, a capsule collection (focus on essential menswear staples); therefore, don’t expect anything off the wall because you’re not lol!
Honestly, there are couple hit and miss pieces . For example, I am not a fan of the camo t-shirt. It does appear to be unflattering colors and very bland. On the hand, I really admire the cut and quality of the white t-shirt and their knit sweaters. Where great quality lies great cost!! Kanye west does not control the cost of the garments. Chances are resellers will milk the prices more than the actual company. Despite the price debate, A.P.C. Is relatively more cost efficient than your trendy Balmain, Lanvin or Givenchy stuff you may own!

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My only gripe was the collection's approach to originality. Many of the looks were inspiration of kanye's recent ensembles made by different designers such as Rick Owens, Robert Geller, and Balmain following up to 2013's Yeezus release. There's no doubt about Kanye's unfathomable love for fashion and design, but he also cares about keeping his presentation honest.

In essence, this collection truly speaks to Kanye's current aesthetic. Whether you hate it or love it, it's gonna thrive!

"Iron Will"

Kick the Hype

vogueGivenchy designer Riccardo Tiscwent on instagram straight flexing with his sneaker collaboration with Nike for Vogue Magazine (styled by Grace Coddington). Pictured with supermodel,Joan Smalls draped across his shoulders was a kodak moment. Granted the photo of the Vogue‘s editorial wasn’t clear as expected. Needless to say, it was enough for the hypebeasts to start saying their tax money for the highly anticipated sneaker.The Air Force 1 Hi Boots would be retailing for $225 at select Nike stores. It appears Nike is not ready to play nice with the folks after Kanye dunked on them during his recent interviews. I find it hard to believe the two (Yeezy and Tisci) don’t discuss the athletic company of their sudden decision. At the end of the day, they are not going to break a friendship regards to a cooperation. It wouldn’t surprise me if the sneaker is launched around the same time as Kanye’s sneaker with Adidas. Only time will time.

Iron Will

Bad Romance

The entire damn world are more than aware of the media’s bad romance #noGAGA . My good ol’ best friend (in my delusional mind) Kanye West has been canoodling with Kim Kardashian. It appears that these 2 are inseparable. To be completely honest, I have no satisfaction of liking Kim Kardashian. Matter of fact, its a strong dislike. Some would ask why? Well I could probably write a book as to why, but who am I do such a thing #kanyeshrug. I don’t know this lady from Adam and Eve; however, one thing I can not take away from the lady is she sure does know how to sell a look!

They are definitely new “It” couple. The skepticism of them lasting is beyond us. One thing for sure, she better not be on some other shit (i.e. ulterior motives). We Yeezy fans will find you haha! #runtelldat

Kanye West: Fall/Winter 2012 collection

Despite what has been said from fashion critics, Hip Hop/Fashion Icon Kanye West has been determined for to eat their turds! There is nothing greater than showing improvement from your previous work. Kanye’s fall/winter collection has proved to be a perfect example. With ensembles majority in all black, the focus on detail will leave an undeniable towards any one whose seen the collection. . There were beautiful textures of butter smooth leather jackets, tops and trousers along with extravagant furs and dope heels.

Judging from the collection’s noir emphasis, it would not surprise me if there was some inspiration from Givenchy‘s Riccardo Tisci. Kanye has really been promoting the Tisci’s aesthetic for quite some time now. There has been rumors he helped out with the collection. There is no hating whether if he did or not. If you are going to get help, you will ask one of the best!

I am very confident people are going to give a much more warming review towards this collection. Its growth is purely inevitable! Remind you the first collection was not necessarily bad; rather, it was nothing innovative as if they were picked from various designer’s collections.

I am happy to see the evolve of my idol’s work. There is nothing any one can change the Kanye’s perception on anything he’s passionate about. That’s what make the collection special! A slam from critics delivering a knockout collection as such can sweep one-off their feet! It’s like a fighter determined to deliver a specific strike. Even if you choose to knock him out, he’s going to at least accomplish his goal and that is what exactly he has done here!

Kanye and Riccardo Tisci – Vogue

Throughout the years, it has been completely evident Kanye West’s extreme interest in fashion. Branding himself as a style icon, tastemaker, and visionary was not an easy task for a hip hop artist to break barriers into the industry on a high level. Fortunately, Yeezy is featured in VOGUE for the first time in the March 2012 article “Tisci’s Time.”

Kanye appears along Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci and his other famous muses, including Liya Kibede, Liv Tyler, Karolina Kurkova and Florence Welch. It has been widely known about their chemistry work from being seen at all his shows, designs,of the Givenchy brand and tapped Tisci to design the cover art for his last collaborative album, “Watch The Throne.”  So it would have been very appropriate to accommodate him alongside Tisci . Although, I have been curious what happened towards his friendship with Marc Jacobs, but that is just me.

Air Yeezy 2 Release Date

It has been reported the highly anticipated sneaker, Nike Air Yeezy (The sneakers of Kanye West) is schedule to launch March 24th, 2012. I don’t know about you guys, but its time to save some change before they drop!

The 1st edition Air Yeezy’s swept every shoe store they’ve entered. People are still being sold to the highest bidder on ebay. These will be no exception!

N***** in Paris…… Fashion Week

The NBA stars have been showing a perfect attendance to New York Fashion week, but where was Yeezy? This week there has been alot of discussion going on in the media regards to Kanye West not being a main figure attending  New York fashion week. Known for his incredible style and taste for aesthetics, this is not a usual thing to witness or hear. Kanye always makee fashionable statement while being the celebrity people love to talk about.  Like the VMAs, people are eagerly anticipating what Kanye has up his sleeve. The truth is we don’t know.

However, there are speculation Mr. West will have a slot to showcase his debut collection at Paris Fashion Show, according to Harper’s Bazzaar Australia. The women’s collection will be shown on October 1st approx. 9 A.M. (hopefully that is EST).  With the help of a fashion editor from Harper’s Bazaar, Christine Centenera, who will be guiding the aspiring designer as a consultant. Honestly right now this is hearsay because last time it was Louise Wilson (presidident of  the MA fashion course in Central St. Martins).

The truth is no one cares any longer! Shifting stories  of what is going to be in featured is highly skeptical. For example, Would the collection be appealing in regards to other demographics. We all know he has a way of exhibiting his material! Is the women’s collection gonna provide a retro vibe or is going to have some Drapy ancient Greek inspired gowns and Motif prints  like Versace (come to think of it, WTF happened to pastelle????). Judging fro his aesthetics, I would not be surprised if he is trying to be like the black Alexander McQueen. At least give us a sneak peek lol!!


Inside’s Virgil Abloh’s concepts

This video show here features one of Kanye’s style director (s), Virgil Abloh. As the co-founder of Chicago’s high end ubran store, RSVP gallery,  he takes the time to give out his perspective regards to style and design.

For those who either don’t or didn’t know, anyone in Kanye’s camp has a specific purpose. You really think he would have a group of leeching off his success? Please! Peep ya boy out in this video!