Karl Lagerfeld as “God” in Snoop Dogg video

Karl Lagerfeld is most definitely a fashion god, but in his new music video, rapper Snoop Dogg gave the Chaneldesigner a promotion to God of All Things. Both men are major pop culture geniuses, and now they’ve joined forces to pay tribute to the glittering patch of France known as Saint Tropez.

The video opens with Lagerfeld, dressed in immaculate whites, greeting the French singer Jean-Roch in the poofy white clouds of heaven. When Jean-Roch wonders whether they’re in paradise, the Kaiser rebuffs him: “You’ve never realized Saint Tropez is paradise?” The pair looks down upon the earthly world, where Snoop Dogg is ready and waiting to start rapping about Saint Tropez.

The lyrics are goofy (“No matter where I go, no matter where I stay / A piece of my heart will always be in St. Tropez”) and Jean-Roch looks like a little puppy next to Snoop Dogg. The singer nuzzles against the rapper, seemingly giddy to be in such cool company.

The video is a fairly convincing argument for Lagerfeld’s claim that Saint Tropez is paradise: the weather is beautiful, the people are pretty, and there are plenty of pantsless gals to cheer on your bocce ball game.


Little Black Jacket

(This was featured a while ago, but some the f**k what) Karl Lagerfeld and Claire Roitfeld has decided to cast a twist on Chanel‘s iconic “tweed jacket”. This shoot has brought some of the most stylish figures in pop culture. People such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexander Wang, Theophilus London, Kanye West, Riccardo Tisci, and several dozen others were shot in this gorgeous black and white piece. It’s amazing how someone will see “black and white”; however, each individual provides color from their mood ring.

Everyone’s style was dead on matching their true aesthetics to the little black jacket. There are a million ways to rock this garment. If you can see in the images, each artist (this is what we are calling them now) is wearing something essential to their signature looks. Notice this jacket is truly “unisex” hence it has no gender. Typically, you mainly see this particular silhouette won by women, but in fact the style was originally a man’s jacket. There were many more images, but I have taken the ones I find to be the most appealing regards to expression.

I strongly believe this shoot has truly inspired me to get a custom tweed jacket made within my martial fashion aesthetic

“Iron Will”

Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls – Chanel S/S 2012 campaign

It appears that models Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls are synced in “All white everything” for the latest campaign ad for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld happens to be a pretty good photographer. This image is slightly different from some of his recent, which is a good thing.

Karl Lagerfeld’s streetwear “Karl” collection

Gee Whizz, Karl Lagerfeld must be one of the most recognizable fashion icons who who is aware of the economic times *side eye* . Following by his recent collaboration with Macy’s Impulse collection, Lagerfeld will be launching a rock-n-roll inspired for his new Karl collection (wasn’t Donatella doing that with her H&M collection).

Unlike Chanel, who appears to appeal the mature crowd, The Karl line will be catered to younger demographic. There will be a total of 100 garment pieces as the price range is from $95 – $450.00 . These are considered to be slightly little bit more than high street fashion prices, but its definitely a fraction of what one would purchase for Chanel or Fendi! BCBG Max Ezria doesn’t have a problem oppose to his Herve’ Leger collection, so I am willing to give Karl Lagerfeld the benefit of the doubt. Mark your calenders for January 25th, 2012 Ladies! The collection will be sold at Net-a-Porter and KarlLagerfeld.com.

Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse (Macys)

Honestly I was shocked from receiving the news Karl Lagerfeld has made another high street fashion collaboration. First he had a successful run-in with H&M several years back. Now, he has recently launched a collection for Macy’s brand, Impulse.

Compared to the high fashion prices of Chanel and Fendi, ladies these garments are a fraction of the price which should not hurt the pocket too bad (cash or charge). The design and structure did not sacrifice from it’s price. Ranging from the typical price range from $50 – $200 is not bad at all!

The collection also would not be complete without the signature Lagerfeld collar (jealous!!) along with the classical tweed and the black/white color palette with the exception of a few vibrant hues. For those who are not able to visit fashion night out, visit macys for this collection. Truly amazing!

Baptiste Giabiconi for Dior (Fall campaign)

Baptiste Giabiconi, one of the fashion industry’s leading models and Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, feature in the preview ad for Dior Homme. Kris Van Assche always designs great garments. I am ready to see whether or not they gonna start a trend for the fall or not. Through the lens of Karl Lagerfeld, the shadows provides a contrast for an artistic feel. They always make some of the best campaign ads!

The true Archandroid

All hail to my fellow androids out there! Today I have been in the mood to listen to Janelle Monae. When the first time I seen her in the Morris Brown video, I instantly fell in love with her looks and aura. Janelle Monae is truly an “ARTIST” who tends to break the glass ceilings and barriers of traditional thinking. Pop culture icons such as Prince to Karl Legerfeld truly love the artistry she brings to her music and also style! It says alot when you have those 2 giving her props! kudos to ya!!