Throwback Cover: Jean Claude Van Damme – GQ magazine


It really is not often for you to see martial artists gracing the cover of a major fashion magazine such as GQ in 1995. On the contrary, Jean Claude Van Damme was probably the only one! This Belgian martial arts film star has made many successful action films during the 90s.I remember being just 9 years old owning this issue where they displayed images of his extravagant kicks! I always to be like this dude. After all, dude was a ladies’ man with hella swag!!

Believe it or not, Van Damme still makes films. The difference now is he is focused more on his acting rather than the action. We are just looking forward to seeing some one get kicked in the face with his signature pop 360 kick or fancy kicks! He currently working on filming the sequel of “The Expendables” alongside Slyvester Stallone, Arnold Swarzenegger, Jet Li, Jason Statham, and more!


Tricking into the sunset

this happens to be one of my favorite shots of one of my favorite martial artists, Matt Emig kicking into he sunset. The other martial artist in the pic is Nikki Stanley. They both are world champions

Solo Dolo Training

There is one thing I love to do, which is practice martial arts at night! I am not really sure what it is about, but it gives me a sense of freedom from the outside world. Although I am in the house listening to either Jay Z, Kanye, or Pharrell, My mind is on this steady pace of constant flow streaming through the vains of an ambitious person..

Crazy to say its almost orgasmic (maybe that is not a great analogy), but it is very intimate. Trapping yourself in a room with a motive to become the greatest you can be without any interference.. Just me and the music. The music we often listen to determines our latitude in life. Whether we want to believe it or not, It is the truth!

Music is a huge part of my training. Its where I find my rhythm. Every martial artist and fighter has their own rhythm. This is like the pulse in fighting; without a pulse, functionality is nonexistent! A fighter must use his/her rhythm to attack, counter, evade, and time an opponent. A necessary process which is the foundation of fighting!

Rhythm is also used in peforming in kata (japanese for form). Katas are a sequence of martial art techniques demonstrating attacks, blocks and stances in a dance-like motion. On the contrary, this was not part of my training. I warmed up with cardio movement for about 6 -10 minutes (3 songs). I eventually focused on basic punches and kicks! This can be boring, but you should never lose the sight on your basics! The drilling was the most fun.

I was tired and start to feel my feel to blister. There is no need to stop practicing because there is some one out there who is just as hungry as you aiming for the top! This is not a perfect world and we must push ourselves beyond our limits. It is the only way we shall become better. After 45-60 minutes of working out, my body is feeling terrible. Lord knows my body is  gonna go through major aches, but at least afterwards I feel like I can take on the world! The reward is after the hardwork is performed. Alright people lets get it!


Homage Friday: Fighter in the wind

With the warrior’s way in the theaters this weekend, I felt it was important to showcase the Korean martial arts cinema. Many people (mainly Americans) only believe these movies are only made in Hong Kong or Japan. Wrong!! Shows how much we care for the martial arts film genre.

Believe it or not, The Korean Martial arts movies I have seen provided with excellent acting, killer fighting scenes, and gorgeous cinematography. Fighter in the Wind is a movie based on the life of Mas Oyama, the founder of Kyukushin Karate. Interesting thing about Oyama is he has a Japanese name, but is Korean.

Struggling with his transition from Korea to Japan, he dealt with discriminating much as the people from the civil rights movement. After years of extensive training, he was on a quest to defeat the top fighters in Japan. His reputation is know for his devastating punches and kicks. Oyama even broke a bull’s horn with his bare hands (he’s a mothafucking monster)! Over all This is a beautiful movie, visually and plot wise as well.

Homage Friday: West Coast Action Team

Today is homage Fridays and I will introduce you to the West Coast Action Team (WCAT). Founded by world known martial artist, actor, and stuntman, Ernie Reyes Sr. Surf Ninjas, The Last Dragon, etc.). Their mission is to touch the hearts of people from all over the world with their martial arts performances. They are demonstrate the various martial arts styles in their performance (Like the first ong bak) ranging from weapons, high flying kicks, and self defense sequences.

WCAT has produced some extraordinary martial artist in the progress. Many of them have made it to the big screen, commercials, and were some of the forefathers of the tricking community (shoutouts to Loopkicks).   The video below is his son, Ernie Reyes Jr who was introduced as the little kid in The Last Dragon, Keno from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Now because they do martial arts performance, Don’t think that is the only thing they can do. Ernie Reyes does make sure his students are well grounded in their self defense much as their performances. Performances are the recreational part of martial arts. these guys there express themselves and have inspired me back in the day. Osu!