Lara Stone for Paris Vogue


One of the Top models in the game, Lara Stone, has effortlessly graced her way in the latest issue of Paris Vogue magazine. Lara has been a popular demand in many runway shows and campaign ads such as Calvin Klein. Its so crazy considering the fact you can’t miss her face from being featured in any fashion publication to date! (particularly Vogue Magazine).

Her nice frame and gap is what I always look for in her campaign. Having a baby mama/best friend with a gap (you can be sexy with a gap too lol) has really see the beauty of while others may be too self conscious about theirs…

Anywho, Paris Vogue cover has always been refresh and bold, which really raises the question if they are going to maintain this sexy boldness as Emmanuelle Alt has taken over as editor-in-chief over Claire Roitfield. One thing I have learned being in the martial arts is to never underestimate someone. So far, I have been paying more close attention to the spreads featured in Paris Vogue.

The cover after all does possess a nostalgic feeling. The lens is totally deliver this vibe while the old school finished off the old school. I must say her ensemble was modern. Can we say their angle is perhaps keeping the old concept, but embracing it with a new angle? Perhaps..