Coming out in that new wang looking like Liu Kang

1389894661667_alexander-wang-fall-winter-2014-10The upcoming fall 2014 collection for Alexander Wang appears to be very promising. Since 2008, it has not been a dull moment for the designer. Being best friends with ASAP Rocky, giving free garments in NYC, being creative director for Balenciaga, being referenced on the Yeezus album is just a few of his accolades lately. In addition, I believe this collection truly demonstrates why he’s always in popular demand. He keeps it real and dark. However, the collection decided to flirt with colors of dusty tan or reddish-brown. It also appears leather is not going to be taking a backseat in the trend department anytime soon. Overall, I love how he uses basic garments (i.e. sweatshirts and sweatpants) and create in the most luxurious way which is simply irresistible.

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I am slowly starting to love the designs Vans, are going! The silhouette of the sneaker looks like it slightly improved.  With premium dress shoe leather uppers and pigskin linings, the quality is a lock, but the snakeskin and cheetah fur is what makes this pack a must have! The sneakers will launch april 1st!


Brace Yourself

One thing no one can not argue about is finding a great sale! Last week I was in the desperate need to find some accessories. Yes I would admit its quite strange being a man whose trying to find accessories lol. Whenever I’m on the search for such items, it MUST possess style and masculinity.

One of the great sites who happened to have great man bracelets is ASOS. There were a few set of bracelets which caught my eye. Each set had their own particular look  with different colors and textures. It is really easy to mix and match them where as it may appear you have dozens of differents bracelet sets. Each set originally ranged from $15 – $20, but I purchase all three sets for under $25. If you ask me, that is not a bad deal if you tend to make use of them.

Personally, the Aldo accessories are appealing, yet they are not as durable. I was tired of purchasing another set after 2 weeks. Yours truly is heavy handed, therefore, that is just my opinion. ASOS still have a few left!

Paris Fashion Week: Yves St Laurent A/W 2012 collection

The images featured are from the Yves St Laurent A/W 2012 collection. It appeared Stefano Pilati took the absolute route regards to the color palette. Simply because majority of the color palette is black and charcoal doesn’t mean it lacked in design. There was some gorgeous leather garments. It is really interesting seeing leather pants making a hit in the collection. I always felt Yves Laurent was slightly conservative (yet chic), but I was proved wrong. There were alot of draping in the trousers, futuristic tops which surprisingly delivers a slight edge.




Zara’s November lookbook (women’s)

The lookbook for the recent garments from Zara. Its very party girl chic accentuating a light edge with the leather jackets and exotic animal prints. I think the brand is nice because almost any woman can wear it.