Linda Denley

For those people out there who believe sport martial arts never got down (especially the female fighters), feast your eyes on this. The woman you see in this video

Master Linda Denley is a 6th Dan Korean Style martial artist (Tang soo do)  is unarguably the best woman fighter of all time! Hailing from Houston, Texas with the nickname, “The Texas Terror”, was given based on her heavy hitting strikes. This ruthless attitude not only made number one from 1973 to 1996, but being undefeated for 9 years (7 years without a getting a point on) is the tip of the Iceberg not counting the endless national and international championships.

Her accomplishments decided for her to own a successful number of martial arts schools which she teach her students to not only excess in martial arts, but use it as a template towards everyday life.

Her athleticism also landed her in working world renown martial artist Chuck Norris (Sidekicks) and Jackie Chan (Armour of God).They say it ain’t nothing like old school and I must say they don’t many women fighters like her today #knownfact