Peek a Boo

Folks out there would like to know WTF is the concept of these shades. With avant garde designer, Jeremy Scott, on the project, should never be any words to describe! The glasses that are featured are the recent collaboration with Linda Farrow and Jeremy Scott.

Both of these designers are well known for their innovative yet appealing items! There are currently two different colorways on the shades, which are pretty standard sunglasses colors. Any other colors would perhaps looks like they came out of a beauty supply store along the rest of the bootleg items, #knockitoff.

 Honestly, these glasses seems to be an evolution of the shutter shades worn by Kanye West in the stronger video (FYI, Sho’  Nuff Rocked them before Ye did!). 

Some folks out there would complain the above average price ($260); however, the question is would rather be exclusive or like everyone else. Hell I would be crazy enough to buy these and rock them like there’s no tomorrow!  Some people are afraid to open their eyes and seek to broaden their horizons. shame on them!

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they are actually sold here