Floral Monday

Mondays have the stigma as the downfall of the new week. We turn up on weekends but turn down on Monday.. Personally, I’m trying look at it from a different point of view (may be temporary).Having our new edition (child) slowly approaching, I think to it’s best to be optimistic more frequently. A great way for me to express in stylish manner is with my outfit: đź‘• – #balenciaga : đź‘– – #oldnavy : đź‘ź – #maisonmartinmargiela : đź‘“ – #johnvarvatos .. The floral t shirt was a great way to reflect my optimistic spirit towards a bright week!

H&M’s Web-Store Confirmation

hm-pano_25032H&M has always had an online presence, but try to buy something from the fast fashion brand’s website, and you will get sent straight to the nearest store. An online shop was  always the downfall of the brand. It was first reported that the date for the launch of the much-anticipated feature would be around June 2013. Unfortunately, we surpassed mid July!

On the other hand, there has been notification the fast fashion brand will be launching their US web store in August. Honestly, that’s that shit which pisses me off. It has been speculation the brand were going to launch a store in Louisville this fall. Soon as we gotten our wish from rubbing the fashion genie bottle, the web store will be launched around the same time. I suppose its better late than never. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

“Iron Will”


Joie De Viere – NFocus Magazine

joie de vivre

When most people think about Louisville,Ky, They mainly think about Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Derby, Tobacco and country folk. Out of all these things, they would never thought about  anything CREATIVE. Not everyone in Kentucky chews tobacco and walk around barefooted. Project Runway season 10 contestant and Louisville resident, Gunnar Deatherage joined forces with local photographer extraordinaire Clay Cook for the latest issue of Nfocus Magazine. This issue covers an interview of the local designer collaboration with major department store, Dillards. What I find very mind bloggling is the fashion spread is apart of a FREE magazine! Last time I remember art given for free was Frank Ocean’s mixtape banger “Nostalgia, Ultra” (that was a hit album by the way). I love the juxtaposition of the bright color palette denotes spring time. The garments strike a nostalgic european vibe. I love showing the work of local artist doing great work!

Photography: Clay Cook
Photography Post: Chris Miske
Creative Direction and Styling: Gunnar Deatherage
Model: Amanda Limer (Heyman Talent)
Art Direction: Derek Potter
Hair: Gunnar Deatherage
Makeup: Isidro Valencia
Assistant: Hilary Vonderheide
Wardobe: Boutique Serendipity
Location: Hertz Starks Building

“Iron Will”

Downtown Louisville Art Gazing


Fridays are always good for a reason. Not only its the start of the weekend,but liberation from the 9 to 5 world. It’s refreshing to release your mind from your regular day-to-day life of working for the man. in 2013, I am seeking to make a change about that! seeing art is where the inspiration begins. The art event at the land of tomorrow was where me and couple members of Projekt: F.O.N. The hipster spot when you got the chance rock on to eclectic music and gaze through visual pieces. It was like Utopia.

Since I was going to an art gallery with some colleagues, I would have thought it would be great to given a classic look. I wanted to accent my black and white ensemble with my clear glasses (an homage to Andy Warhol). Something which gave an understated, yet artistic appeal.

My ensemble: Blazer: Express; Jeans: Michael Kors; Turtleneck: Vintage; Loafers: Salvatore Ferragamo; Glasses: Forever 21

“Iron Will”

Home away from home


the ensemble: my DIY shogun denim jacket, D&G t shirt, William Rast jeans, Jeremy ScottxAdidas sneakers,  POW! Necklace by ambush,(not shown) custom rings by melody enshani

Normally after work on Wednesdays, I tend to get off early and stop by one of my favorite spots in Louisville, 21c. I have posted several things about 21c. However, I can not help it because it’s one of my very places in the city where I wanna escape from reality and tap into my artistic utopia. All artists are aware that inspiration surround us 24/7. Then it’s that one specific place where its pure tranquility. Along with international artworks and embracing local talent, the best part about this museum is that it’s free!

As you seek total inspiration, find that one place where you believed it’s heaven. If cant find it, make one up!

Muhammad Ali – Louis Vuitton Campaign

Box­ing leg­end  Muham­mad Ali featured in Louis Vuitton’s new Core Val­ues cam­paign. Through the lens of Annie Lei­bovitz, she captured a moment where Ali poses with one of his grandson is a remarkable shot. This shot could inspire the little guy into becoming the next Ali! First off, I believe this is one of the dopest things I have witness. The greatest boxers of all time, who happens to be a Louisville native featured in one of the most popular high fashion campaigns is a huge deal! Ali is the epitome of confidence and hard work. What makes him the greatest is because he told everyone he was. Everything he said he was going to do, he did! This truly inspires me to do the same thing as a martial artist with a dior homme or calvin klein ad (I can dream right lol).

Puttin’ on for the City

The final four is only a few days and everyone in the city are anxious for the most biggest game against rival, Kentucky Wildcats. F*&^ what you heard or what you think, but I love seeing big celebrities such as Jay Z, Drake and Chris Brown are putting it on for my state and hometown.

I am naturally repping #cardnation (Louisville) because that it’s where I live, but long as one of the two bring it out home for us is good enough for me! It suck sometimes people in your home town don’t wanna rep where they are from. They wait to go to some metropolis city in order to “claim” it. Stop fronting! Sooner or later, I’ma put on for my city (in my Jeezy voice)

Trip to Black Salt

After I had lunch with my son’s mother in the highlands, we decided to pay a visit to a friend’s store, Black Salt. Black Salt is a dope boutique which has an emphasis on the unconventional aesthetic (noir, avante garde, etc).

The store had a great appeal to it. Black Salt’s art deco in the store truly match the element of the store. The fusion of vintage wallpapers with contemporary furniture was truly like visiting a museum (I don’t visit many houses like that). Brands such as Kill City, Gola, Asos Black and Jeffrey Campbell were the brands which caught my attention. I am truly a fan of the highlands area in Louisville; however, Black Salt made me feel like I was home.

The item I purchased was this leopard print scarf. Its fabric was very soft and functional. Great to rock with basics and provide the pop in your ensemble. Not only its such a classic accessory, but its cool to even wear in the spring. Note: it takes a lot of balls for a man to take an unconventional route by wearing such an item. For $13, it was a great deal!

Anyone who is interested in the noir/avant garde (unconventional) fashion, black salt is a great place to go!

Black Salt

1507-b Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

Waterfront Fashion Show in Lousville?

There has been word going on in town there will be a fashion show located at the waterfront. If anyone who has been to Louisville, they will see having a fashion show there would be such an event! Mayor Greg Fischer stated, Waterfront Park is a great fashion statement for Louisville. This statement would also brings business here. From October 17th-20th, there will be several fashion shows a day from top designers from across the US and the world will be attending. However, the big names haven’t been released yet.

I love the fact Louisville is happening to upgrade themselves by a “fashion week” to their roster; however, comparing it to New York, Paris, Milan, and London? Uh Huh!! I have to call spade a spade for this announcement because its utterly ridiculous. Although there are emerging fashion designers such as Gunnar Deatheridge and Fhonia Ellis who are on their major hustle mode towards becoming the next Alexander Wang or Patricia Field‘s within their own right.

Needless to say, the city has not branded themselves to even taken seriously nor ready for that level of aesthetics. Majority of the individuals are not setting trends. Louisville is a trend city. Some trend setters/tastemakers will not be appreciated until it’s a viral trend for others to follow (i.e. True Religion). Fashion shows are all above being forward (fashion forward) while this is a city who is slowly coming together far as trends, etc. Louisville is a conservative city where numerous don’t know anything outside of the Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada’s .. call them basic bitches if you will. Hell I don’t even try to bother ….People still think believe/treat some high street brands as couture, which it’s not!

Far as I am concerned, who are these secret designers they are speaking of?! Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Rodarte? There would be no reason for these designers to display their collections when there is barely a market for those willing to purchase the amount for one garment.

Having a fashion week, it’s so much more than the clothes being presented down the runway. It’s all about the popular people being present. You have to worry about having buyers, celebrities, and socialites to attend. These people attending to the shows will help regards to others purchasing the same items. I will admit, we are truly blessed to have numerous people coming out of the city who could make an appearance to Louisville fashion week. The only question raised is whether or not they have enough power to advise individuals to back up a particular collection or brand.

Instead of trying to compete with the fashion capitals, we should embrace the aspiring and upcoming designers and strongly acknowledge them for their work. How can we appreciate a Karl Lagerfeld while this city barely support their natives? If Anna Wintour or Andre Leon Talley shows up, I will shut the f%$# up immediately!

There are only a handful of people who seriously take fashion seriously while there are a much smaller people who actually understand and have the historical knowledge pertaining to fashion! There are some people here, besides myself, who are seeking to create a new standard for self-expression in regards to fashion, design, modeling, etc. Once everyone takes us seriously, then I shall take Louisville Fashion Week seriously, until further notice.

Niketown comes to Louisville!

I gotta hand it to my city; We are SLOWLY trying to come up (although most of the people are still behind lol). Comes to find out there is going to be opening a Niketown in mid-october.

This will be the 77th Nike Factory Store in the US and the 2nd in Kentucky, will be located in Shelbyville Road Plaza in Louisville. This is going to provide a great amount of traffic flowing through the area. This factory store would help from the lost of several businesses proir. Looking forward to the opening!