Ryan Bader interview

I recently found this video via Lowkick.com, which Ryan Bader was training at Extreme Couture (not fashion Couture, my fashion heads). The most intriguing thing about his interview to focus on working outside his comfort zone. He respected and recognized the skill of him opponent to his advantage. The is a huge factor for us all because in life we tend to not go outside or associate with elements outside this particular zone.

How do you expect for someone to become creative or be extraordinary? The answer is to think outside the box. If you want to train or be like everyone else, then you would do the same regimes as everyone else. Defeating big name MMA fighters such as Jon Jones and Tito Ortiz validates Ryan Bader’s training philosophy.

Hopefully those who are watching this do necessarily precieve this as “MMA reference”. Rather,  use this as a tool in your life. You will go beyond your true potential with a mindset as such!