Gucci 2011 Fall Campaign


Whenever you think about Gucci (not the rapper), You automatically think about Luxury goods. This latest Fall  campaign 2011 for Gucci gives this to ya! Throughout this campaign consists of leather goods, immaculate tailoring menswear, and of course THE Joan Smalls! Doesn’t she look like someone you wanna introduce to ya mama and marry? Anywho, back to the ad..  None of the looks appeared to be dated leaving a classical Gucci aesthetic. Judging from some of the ensembles, it would not surprise me if high street brands would be slightly influence with such a collection as this.

Lanvin for H&M Haute Couture Fashion Show

Once again another Lanvin for H&M presented by yours truly! I must say I can not resist the aesthetic Aber Elbaz possess into his work. The only thing I hate is the fact the collection was so fucking limited!! I wish there was more stuff like this because I am sick and tired of seeing chicks rocking BeBe thinking its haute couture or even avant garde with those overrated egos. Enough of my venting, enjoy.