audrey hepburn

audrey hepburn

Crew neck top
£30 –

Mango long sleeve shirt
£17 –

Alice In The Eve mini skirt
$70 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs platform heels
$553 –

Yellow gold bangle

Kenneth Jay Lane white pearl necklace
€163 –

I Should’ve cheatah’d

With the fall season slowly approaching us, I can not be more excited! After all, A/W fashion is indeed the best time of the year. Layering is my most favorite part because you can truly add your personal twist in to your ensemble.

This cardigan from Marc by Marc Jacobs certainly delivers a nonchalant fashionably statement. The irony about this cardigan is due to the fact cheetah print is widely recognized as a “In your face” which leaves a bold statement.

Within this bold statement lies a complete set of confidence. Everyone can not wear or have the courage to wear cheetah (wear at your own risk). The classic print has been presented in several garments thanks to individuals such as Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy among other designers.

Marc Jacobs took the connotation of the print and transformed it into a slightly neutral approach without sacrificing its bold statement. While the cardigan has its boldness as the hue neutralizes it, it becomes a garment many other individuals who weren’t confident to wear an exotic print to do so!

This V neck cardigan with a navy print  is indeed a must have this season. Although Python is suppose to be the “IT” thing this fall, I will stick to this! Retailing at an above average high street fashion price at $230.00, I would say its worth it (exclusive is worth it). Expect pics coming soon. The question is how would you rock it?

Skin I’m in


One of my all time favorite shirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs happens to contribute to many different causes. The quote is “Protect the skin you’re in” does deliver a message for not only health, but being the true individual you truly are! Many people are not comfortable in their skin which is sad.  Nevertheless,the shirt is so chic.. easy to throw on. Thought about going to bed with her (the shirt), but I had to think twice *dodges projectile*