Matt Emig – Macho Martial Arts

Matt Emig using his martial expression for Macho Martial Arts.. Macho is perhaps one of the biggest martial arts companies around! Lately they have been taking them their ads up a notch! During these times, martial arts company must take note of that. The standard campaign can only be appealing for only a short period.



Tricking into the sunset

this happens to be one of my favorite shots of one of my favorite martial artists, Matt Emig kicking into he sunset. The other martial artist in the pic is Nikki Stanley. They both are world champions

Matt Emig – Musical Forms Us Open 2011

Alright I really don’t know where to start!! Matt Emig is widely known (nationally and internationally) to be one of the innovators in sport martial arts in the weapons and forms divsion!

The protege’ of Daniel Sterling (winner of the reality MTV series, Final Fu) ALWAYS raised the bar in his martial art performance. He suffered a extremely painful injury, but apparently it never stopped him from staying on Top because this Form is perhaps one of the best yet! Once he threw that spinning hook kick into his combo, I knew was taking no prisoners.

Tournament News

Matt Emig- 2011 sampler

Perhaps one of my all time favorite weapons/forms competitors to existence of sport martial arts, Matt Emig, has released a sampler via Youtube. Through the editiing and lens of Dustin Shepard aka Eldente, simply accentuated the tricking executed by Matt Emig. One thing I truly love about Matt is the fact he kicks so much more than the tricksters out today. Not sure if he is from a different era where they “KICK” opposed to just doing tumbling, etc; strongly choose aero kicking than gymnastics any day. Matt is not only competes in tournaments, but also is doing stunt work in hollywood. Look out for ya boy because he is that fucking dope!