Accessories can always transform an ensemble for better👍 or worse 👎! My new purchases from #ASOS came in the mail 📫. I couldn’t help to purchase these and pocket square. Both possess a subtle classic appeal for the modern #gentleman. The metallic frames give a little bit of a futuristic touch 👌.

“Iron Will”

Brace Yourself

One thing no one can not argue about is finding a great sale! Last week I was in the desperate need to find some accessories. Yes I would admit its quite strange being a man whose trying to find accessories lol. Whenever I’m on the search for such items, it MUST possess style and masculinity.

One of the great sites who happened to have great man bracelets is ASOS. There were a few set of bracelets which caught my eye. Each set had their own particular look  with different colors and textures. It is really easy to mix and match them where as it may appear you have dozens of differents bracelet sets. Each set originally ranged from $15 – $20, but I purchase all three sets for under $25. If you ask me, that is not a bad deal if you tend to make use of them.

Personally, the Aldo accessories are appealing, yet they are not as durable. I was tired of purchasing another set after 2 weeks. Yours truly is heavy handed, therefore, that is just my opinion. ASOS still have a few left!


1 sequin fingerless gloves $7.80, 2. Faux-fur earmuffs $5.80, 3.Sheer Sequin scarf $9.80 4. Sparking Knit Over The Knee Socks $4.80, 5. Faux Fur Long Scarf $14.80.

I often go to forever 21 with my son’s mother. Its very convenient to see there are fashionable clothing with affordable prices. They provide so much stuff, it be hard to track! Here are some must haves for the winter season coming up. For the ladies, sequins are still in with the fur vest (kudos to Donatella Versace). Chunky knitwear is a where its at for the meanswear. For those who can’t afford the scarf prices from the high fashion, fellas 21 MEN has you covered. So in the mean time, find yourself in the garment (not the other way around)!

1. Square Edge Knitted Tie $9.90, 2. Fingerless Knit Gloves $8.90, 3. Knitted Button Scarf $12.90, 4, Three Striped Suspenders $12.90, 5. Dimensional Stripes Hat $7.90.