When two becomes one …

1aVery sleek and minimal designs captivated by the latest collection for Rad Hourani. The label is synonymous for its unisex garments, which express the perspective like designers such as Yohji Yamamoto. Sometimes fashion should provide equality. Equality should not become a glass ceiling towards ones approach to life or sense of style.  In fact, we all are inspired from the opposite sex. One way or another, we share ideas and emotions in which creates a dichotomy energy circulating our existence. Personally, there are some items I would love to work; On the other hand, there are some which I would not even bother. However, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look great on anyone else lol.

Iron WIll


Daft Punk Gets Lucky for American Vogue

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Daft Punk has been treated quite well so far in 2013! First, they had a rock’d out feature with Saint Laurent Paris campaign, launched a hit album and produced 4 tracks for the “hate it or absolutely love it” album, Yeezus. Now, the french electronic duo paired with supermodel Karlie Kloss in a chic for the upcoming August 2013 Vogue Issue. Through the lens of Craig McDean,, the trio explored through the city and music studio with captivated techno edgy chic ensembles of Lanvin, Givenchy, Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen while they are harmonized with subtle minimal suits. Out of the entire shoot, I love how Vogue manages to create ensemble style friendly for each age group.

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Daft Punk and Supermodel Karlie Kloss for Vogue

I must admit these robots guys know how to rock some nice suits! who would ever thought that was case because I am sold!! One thing about Daft Punk is they are truly honest about their material.. No fucks are given when its comes to artistic control from label heads and critics alike. Overall, this is a pretty dope spread and can’t wait what else they may “get lucky” with in 2013!

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“Iron Will”

3.1 Phillip Lim – Pre Fall Collection 2012

Here are the images for the pre fall collection for 3.1 Phillip Lim. It is not usual to hear about fashion designers to gain inspiration from comic books. However, Phillip Lim easily made a statement through his designs were nothing to joke about. Inspired from V for Vendetta and Sin City, the garments reflect the comic book every well. Monochromatic images from the comic book pages were translated as the color palette while expressing a punch of sinful red and orange. Growing up reading comic books, the accessories were pretty dope! There is no way you can’t express inspiration from a comic book without the BOLD descriptive words! One thing I love about american fashion is the embracing pop culture elements.

Like the comic books, there were some contrasting in the garments. For example, several of the looks deliver a nostalgic 60s look while keeping a minimalist look. The silhouette were indeed modern. The battle of femininity and menswear pieces provides an androgynous effect from some of the looks.

Uniqlo Spring/summer lookbook 2011

Here are a few looks for the upcoming 2011 spring summer collection, Uniqlo. One thing I have been noticing about the Japanese clothing line is their aim towards the minimal look. Simple lines and neutral color palettes are essence of a true minimal. This is indeed one of the major trends. After aren’t more futuristic elements suppose to be minimal (think Michael Jackson’s  Scream).

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Image Source: WWW.Uniqlo.com