Nonchalant Elegance


David Gandy is perhaps one of the very few male models who consistently bring elegance and style. There is a sense of nonchalance and confidence with the popped collar. Recently I have decided to change my style by implying dapper ensembles once or twice a week. Its great to change it up. In David Gandy, we trust..

When Iggy meets WIlhelmina

There has been a turn in the female hip hop community as Iggy Azalea has landed herself a modeling contract. The Australian hip hop artist has recently signed with agency Wilhelmina International Inc. According to the 22 year old artist, she has always had an interest in fashion and willing to expand her brand. Indeed, this will add an extra push because there are not any other female hip hop artist who are signed to a major modeling agency to my knowledge. Her look is flawless! I truly believe she will definitely do great breaking barriers in both worlds!

Sheila Johnson

I am loving Sheila Johnson’s look! This model is delivering hauteness as if she was born to be in the camera. A top model in the making whose been recently spotted at New York Fashion week, July’s issue of Elle Magazine & the November issue of New York Weddings. She is slowly on the rise to become a supermodel. That third look is screaming sexy!!

Sheila J The Model.

Iman, Iman, Iman

For the martial artist out there, I didn’t make a typo. Today I am referencing about Iman, not Ip Man (coming soon…).

Last night I was getting some food on the go before heading to the crib. There was this chick I know who apparently said I was gorgeous (no lie).  She turns out to be a friend of mine, Aaliyah. This Somalian beauty really gives me Iman. Unfortunately, I’ll gotta prove pics later unfortunately; however, coming from the similar looks of Iman, can I get a hell yea lol??! Iman is so cookin’! Beauty exudes every fiber of her body. She, Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman,Joan Smalls, Janeil Williams, and Kate Moss will never do me wrong. Definitely like wine when it ages, I live!!!