Tiger Knee!!


The worlds of martial arts and fashion are slowly coming together. This label, Mohsin is another perfect example. Titled “In Honor of The King,” MOHSIN executes a monochromatic lookbook for Fall/Winter 2013 influenced by the Thailand martial art, Muay Thai. Drawing from the sport’s focal point with the Muay Thai shorts without dismissing the fashion from the collection which features oversize quilted coats next to detachable capes and fleece jackets and Muay Thai cashmere shorts.

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“Iron Will”


Tony Jaa cameo (The bodyguard)

No this is NOT the bodyguard with Bobby Brown’s baby mama. I can across this film about 6 years ago. Tony Jaa doing what he does best, joint breaking, and kneeing the shit outta people! Thai martial art films are so underrated here in America!