Back to the Basics

karate chop

Nowadays, I have not gotten the chance to train with anyone else. I must admit it has been a very frustrated experience balancing work, curate my upcoming label and being with my little family. For example, there is no one available to critique you (determine you what you are doing wrong or what you can improve, declined sense of timing, etc.) it sucks.. some times life sucks as well. On the contrary, it ultimately depends on your interpretation of life. Recently, a testimony begin to marinate in my subconscious mind exploding into the unfathomable appreciation of my current position. One word to describe it, rediscovery.

While training, I had to become realistic based on my techniques. Like fashion, martial arts correlates to the concept of “less is more”. We always reflect back to the basics which has allowed to open the door of our progression. These very same basics are built our journey in learning ourselves. its helps us strength our techniques and evolve into advance technique (i.e. martial arts tricking and locks and traps).

From a sport martial arts aspect, I always felt compelled to always execute multiple kicking. Instead, I micro-analyzed everything from my footwork to my striking (speed and power). This process was treated as if a tailor would curate a couture dress or a bespoken suit. In fashion terms, these items are made to only fit that particular individual.  I never realized how great it felt to strictly work on basics techniques on another level. we try to work on things we find to be attractive. Somethings we find attractive isn’t compatible to our built. Perfect what’s made particularly for yourself.

I look at the fighters and form practitioners I admired throughout the years. Often times, I would imitate those moves based of its cosmetic effect to my eye. When I have been frustrated why things have not worked out to my advantage is because I never tried to work out my basics to that extreme higher level until now. Of course, I have improved in training, physically. On other hand, it’s that training for what is fit for you and making it your own. Developing that exploding feeling of a backfist and a solid side kick striking the heavy bag helped me realize it. This is something no one had to tell me. This is something I discovered all on my own. That’s the hidden beauty some of us never tend discover from ourselves. It’s not a martial arts testimony, but a life testimony.

“Iron WIll”

Working …


The Ensemble: Leather Jacket, ASOS; T Shirt: Raf Simons; Black Sweatpants; Sneakers: Jeremy Scott by Adidas; Vest: Jordan Craig; Accessories: 21 Men (forever 21)

During the super bowl weekend, I was asked to help style a fashion shoot for black and grey magazine. Declining the request would asinine due to the fact I have been eager to work with my colleague, Bil Brown, within the past couple years (on my trinidad james shit, “mama always told me,boy count your blessings). All jokes aside, we have finally manage to find the appropriate project to do so!

I got the chance to meet the models, make up artists and assistants for the shoots. Majority of people came different parts of the region (i.e. Indy, Nashville, etc.). The shoot could have not performed any better . Despite we have worked a little bit late (happens frequently at shoots), everyone worked in a complete harmonious fashion. The meeting of the minds started to ignite as each one of began to create snowball effects of creative ideas for the shoot. It was practically improvising along the way (kinda)… There were no ego; instead, it was just a group of people doing what they love!

Besides working with everyone, I got the chance to work with my sister, who was the hairstylist for the project. Unfortunately, this is our first project together. Personally, it was breath-taking because we never get the chance to do much because of our hectic schedules. I was glad she had the ability to work on such short notice. Overall, the shoot was a success. This was my first styling project for the year! Off to a decent start and I will not be stopping any time soon.

“Iron Will”


One of the best things in the world is personal time. Sometimes I like to think and view how I wish to create my utopia. Reflection allows me to evaluate my present actions.  Depending on my raw desire to reflect, I possess the full capability to changed, personally. Honestly, we possess this characteristic while some choose to do so. There should never be a limitation of our true worth. We, as individuals, are priceless specimens who can change the world around us. Before there can be another further action, we must reflect.

Shirt: Forever 21; Short: Polo Ralph Lauren; Hat: Forever 21; Shades: 80s Purple; Sneakers: Jeremy Scott by Adidas ObyO

Risky Business

Don’t you ever get tired of punching some one else’s clock for living? That is how I felt within the past several months. I currently work as a representative of a publication company (don’t even think asking the name). It is a decent job with decent pay. On the contrary, It’s not what I want to do as a career. Throughout the rapid shift changes in the company has caused some of the clients irate. Judging on the economy’s state, I do not blame some of them. My years in the martial arts has taught me how to maintain self-control in many situations. Patience is wearing very thin with my current occupation.I am currently walking on thin ice.

We all should be grateful we have a job this day and age. Sometimes you have to take what you can get. Not me… I am seeking to take what I want! I am striving for an established career in the fashion world becoming the first martial arts – fashion icon. Sharing my aesthetics and announce a dope intake within the two worlds in pop culture. With my ambition, knowledge, and skill, its bound to happen! After all, these are the 2 things which captivates my persona to share with the world!

Recently I have been selected to be a judge for a fashion event in Indianapolis. The Unzip the Runway competition will be held Friday June 1st. Besides blogging, this is very important event to attend networking with designers and fashion enthusiasts within the region. It’s another great outlet to brand my aesthetics in the industry outside social media. The only discrepancy is I have to work on Friday. Unfortunately, the person who was going to cover my shift reneged on me while facing an ethical dilemma: Attend to the fashion event or increase the chance of losing my job. As a single father, the last thing you want to do is take the risk of unemployed (not to mention, decrease my shopping lifestyle).

Isn’t life all about taking risk? If I was not able to take risk how would I expect to go far in life? There are so many people out in the world who has taken risks and excel. Before you make a risk, you always need to have a strategy. Strategizing your goals makes the probability increase. For example, martial artist always take the risk of being struck. It’s always a 50/50 ratio. You either get hit/miss or get hit. Depending on how you execute your attack is entirely up to the individual. It goes with the same thing with fashion. There will be no such thing as being “fashion forward” if designers were not able taking risk. Fashion would still be in the Victorian era opposed to modern times.

Whenever you are on that ambitious road, there will always be an obstacle blocking your way. You can either yield or jump over the hurdle. The choice is yours!


“Iron Will”

Back into tournament mode

Not too long ago, I attended a regional martial arts tournament in Louisville held by Master Fred Dillon and family. Considering the fact he’s a martial artist I truly respect, it was no reason to not attend. As expected, the tournament had a great turn out. People from different martial arts circuits came out to support The Dillon family a great event.

Going to a tournament is always like a kid at the candy store. Besides waiting for black belt men to start fighting, there is never a dull moment. Countless faces you have not seen in years; there are of course rivalries, but those are easily unacknowledged. The most amazing feeling was seeing majority of the people who inspired me all under one roof! These guys, Anthony, Juan, Goo, Romeo, Master Sumler from cincinnati, and several others made it worthwhile. The feeling was a incredibly unfathomable release of excitement. I rarely get the chance to fellowship with my martial arts brothers as often. It was like being an adolescent again. Besides my burning desire to become a great martial artist, these guys were my inspiration!

The only problem I have at karate tournaments is the inability to compete. It has been over 6 months since I have competed or sparred with someone else. Its like telling a basketball player he can’t play basketball or a dancer not dancing. Its not going to happen. Not training was not going to be my excuse to not fight (strongly don’t recommend it). I am a fighter at heart!

I fought in the 18-34 heavyweight division. I won my first fight (pictured above). Then I had to fight for 1st and 2nd place. whoever win the fight, they will fight for Overall grand champion. Fighting against one of my rivals for the heavyweight division was pressure. I had him by skill, but the lack of timing/endurance can turn the tables quick! A battle which got the crowd excited while shady judging. The score was a close match, 6 – 4. Honestly, I was not happy getting 2nd place, but there was something more valuable gain then the placing. For not having a trainer while putting on a great show was good enough. Regaining my competitive edge back has motivated me to train harder! Overall, Master Dillon’s tournament was a great event.

Partying and Fashion

I am not a friend of short notice. One of my fashion colleagues informed about a nice fashion birthday with one of the socialites in the city. There wasn’t much to do after watching my son; therefore, it was time to meet and mingle! Who is gonna turn down a fashion party?!

The party was fabulous! Some of colleagues were in the attendance (some you will see material shown in the near future)! Cola Hayden, the host of her party, had everyone hyped, including myself. This was a non camera-shy zone….There isn’t a better way to throw a party with chic individuals with great hospitality..

Complimentary champagne and great food fixed with fashion was a great place to be on Thursday night! Whenever, I throw a big party, I know whose gonna be my host, dammit!!

The ensemble I chose to wear tonight was clearly military (one of my favorite trends. I wanted to mix a little bit of high/low with Express military jacket, D&G t-shirt, John varvatos jeans and my Lizard skin combat boots. The look was mainly all black (within the exception of the shirt and scarf), but the fit was european inspired.

Prime Lounge, 106 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202


Dinner at Ramsi’s

The other night I have received a message from an extraordinary artist/photographer/visionary, Bil Brown, who was hosting a meeting with some other great artistic individuals in the city. The meeting started at 7 o clock. I didn’t get off work until 8. One thing I have learned from many successful people is you would have to sacrifice to get to where you wanted to go.

Fortunately I got the chance to leave work early to attend the meeting. My day job is decent, but it is not something I see myself doing for the next 1-2 years. Time does not wait for no one when it comes to the hustle! Closed mouths don’t get fed, so I have been told…

The gathering was incredible! There were numerous models, photographers, artists and stylists (including myself) who were mingling in a harmonious manner. You can feel the connection of each individual, which was a liberating feeling. Besides a few people here, there is not that many people I would communicate about fashion. Sure its like 4 – 5 people, but not like everyone in the circle! Seeing people playing with their cameras taking snapshots as the models were posing while all were talking was great

2012 is going to be a major year for us fabulous people. Its very important for us to surround ourselves with the right group of people. Although we should be able to motivate ourselves, like minded individuals  ease your load (in a inspirational sense)


It often rare for me to actually have the people I care about alot celebrate a day, which I felt was very important to me, my birthday. I didn’t really get to chance to do anything on my birthday (which was on a thursday) because I had to work at my day job. Needless to say, the weekend began at 5:00 P.M. friday.

I would have to my weekend was an event. My cousin, Sam Beast and his girlfriend treated me to all you can eat sushi. Eating sushi happens to be one of my favorite food. The environment was pretty decent filled with welcoming workers. A round of sake and couple bottle of sapporo will be get you the buzz you need.

The following day  My sister took it upon herself to throw my 26th birthday party soiree. Considering this is my first party in almost 20 years, I was totally appreciated the gift (having your bday in the winter isnt the best time). The theme was an Asian theme consisted of Asian decorations, Chinese/Japanese food, etc; it was to display homage towards my passion of the martial arts. Everybody there was just fab and showed great class, style, and humor. The energy was amazing!

Since I was not able to able to purchase anything from the Versace H&M cruise collection, I decided to rock one of the shirts from the previous collection. The shirt was the short sleeve asymmetrical print top. At first, I was not really fond of the shirt. However, it slowly grew on me. The ensemble I was going was party chic! I really wanted to deliver a high-low fashion look with my John Varvatos shiny denim jeans, Express blazer and complete with my Y-3 high tops and Hermes inspired printed pocket square from Forever 21.

After pleasing my wonderful friends/guests, we took the night on the town. We decided to change the scenery by going to Prime Lounge ( a very grown and city scene). Unfortunately the crowd was not jumping as anticipated. The best cure with those situations are being around great people! I was totally blessed to be in their presence. They really treating me like a king, which was totally priceless!

Dudes night out!

It have been a while since I post some of my personal shit on here…. I happened to kick it with the homies this past weekend. Alot of things were poppin around the way in da ville (louisville fyi); Black and Diamond party featuring Boris Kodjoe, Meek Mills concert at the Gillespie.. For some reason I didn’t want to be around a bunch of folks being brand new and half dressed. Honestly, there was no bloody hell I would pay for an event where I see majroity of the same people at local parties #next! But the greatness of having free drinks and admission to 4th st live sealed the deal!

From time to time, frivolous spending has been a slight hobby, but whose gonna complain about free shit (we in a recession, shit is depressing)! Going to Hotel was the winner! Winning was truly an understatement because the eye candy was out saturday night! Hair did, Nail did, everything did; yeah, they was fancy..

The blASIANS took it to the hole, Kobe!

Talking about a slam dunk, thsese chicks always bring it every time! I’m superman and they are my kryptonite.. A few more drinks and I was good for the night..

My attire was ghetto chic for the most part. Raf Simons T-shirt, Ambush Pow! chain, William Rast Jeans, Asos leather jacket, and Y-3 sneakers (accessorized with a faux fur snood from Forever 21)… I was kinda bummed they didn’t let me rock my Snake skin print Miami Heat Snapback …