Nicki Minaj – W Magazine

Nicki MInaj given everyone that Marie Antoinette chic look in the upcoming issue of W Magazine! She’s literally telling the female hip hop game to eat cake right now #shade … All jokes aside, I love seeing hip hop artist engaging their creativity where the masses do not expect! Naturally, everyone know Nicki is extremely theartrical in the department of fantasy/make belief. The concept of this spread is inspired from historical figures.. If the haters gonna hate, then serve it to them on a silver plate.


The Queen B and The Barbie – New York Fashion 2011

Normally I don’t really like doing candid shots based on whose fitting front row at fashion shows; Judging the looks on their faces, I could not resist. Here you have a THE Queen B of fashion, Anna Wintour, sitting along Hip Hop artist Nicki Minaj at Carolina Herrera‘s fashion show. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many is in this picture?I have one for you, SHADE!

Yes there is plenty of shade in this photo and I am not talking about Mrs. Wintour’s glasses either. Could the seating arrangement got mixed up. I am not taking anything from Nicki, but it says alot for a person to be sitting next to the biggest fashion figure in the world.  Nicki doesn’t look happy with they cotton ball candy dress while The queen is.. well I don’t  how she is feeling right now…  However, I must say its priceless

Nicki Minaj for Elle Magazine

Whether you love Nicki Minaj or not, the word to describe her is Eloquent! Nicki Minaj is breaking barriers for the female hip-hop artists by gracing her Barbie Presents Presence in Elle Magazine.  Here she is rocking a knitted mini dress and a Bodysuit by Maison Martin Margiela.  This spread is speaking volumers towards Nicki’s progression as an ARTIST!  Her integrity amongst critics and predecessors are truly eating their words because SHE IS THE ONE TO BEAT! I live! Next Stop, Vogue!

nicki minaj for v magazine

Being draped in Versace and Balmain for V magazine, Nikki Minaj shows us that she’s a mothaf____n monsta!! This chick is not only chic within her own right, but she definitely goes ham! People take notes!