Downtown Louisville Art Gazing


Fridays are always good for a reason. Not only its the start of the weekend,but liberation from the 9 to 5 world. It’s refreshing to release your mind from your regular day-to-day life of working for the man. in 2013, I am seeking to make a change about that! seeing art is where the inspiration begins. The art event at the land of tomorrow was where me and couple members of Projekt: F.O.N. The hipster spot when you got the chance rock on to eclectic music and gaze through visual pieces. It was like Utopia.

Since I was going to an art gallery with some colleagues, I would have thought it would be great to given a classic look. I wanted to accent my black and white ensemble with my clear glasses (an homage to Andy Warhol). Something which gave an understated, yet artistic appeal.

My ensemble: Blazer: Express; Jeans: Michael Kors; Turtleneck: Vintage; Loafers: Salvatore Ferragamo; Glasses: Forever 21

“Iron Will”

For the Night

Sometimes I forget what the nightlife is since I am a parent. A break is necessary at times from our daily rituals. Personally, going out to clubs/bars are so dull to me. There is a lack of excitement. Its like shooting blanks whenever you have sex. Talk about a waste of life.. The only thing which makes me interested is networking and styling on them in the process… let me stop rambling lol

“Iron Will”

Ensemble: Maison Martin Margiela shirt; Silk Knit Tie from The Tie Bar; Jean Paul Gaultier Vest; Levi dark rinse Jeans; Crocodile belt