Zara: lookbook (november)

Zara‘s November lookbook screams my sense when it comes to office clothing. It meets the fine thin line between business and casual. Any man can pull these looks off very easily.


Nicki Minaj – W Magazine

Nicki MInaj given everyone that Marie Antoinette chic look in the upcoming issue of W Magazine! She’s literally telling the female hip hop game to eat cake right now #shade … All jokes aside, I love seeing hip hop artist engaging their creativity where the masses do not expect! Naturally, everyone know Nicki is extremely theartrical in the department of fantasy/make belief. The concept of this spread is inspired from historical figures.. If the haters gonna hate, then serve it to them on a silver plate.


Jeremy Scott 2NE1 Collage wings

You simply never know what you are getting when it comes to Jeremy Scott. Man I tell ya this guy is starting to release shoes out as much as Jordan. I seriously can not keep up. The other day I literally purchased the streetball hi top sneakers. With a pop of color with a mix of faux cow fur, you have a work of art. Be on the lookout for these bad boys in November.  Talk about an early Christmas present!

Rihanna for British Vogue, November Issue

People say whatever they want about Rihanna, but she possesses an effortless trait this pretentious society fail to obtain; the trait of being that “It factor”! Rihanna captures a nostalgic appearance on the covers of British Vogue magazine. Taking the looks of this covers simply takes my breath away.

Rihanna can make almost any image become the best thing ever. Sometimes it hurt boggles me, she never really took on a modeling career. Her swag allows her to change her style from little miss sunshine to good girl gone bad and looking like a potential new character character off the hit show, Mad Men.

Unfortunately, I do not want to be the black fashion blogger who happens to pull the race card, but how come when certain minority celebrities have to appear Caucasianized (I just made that word up) from their rise to superstardom. Is this a universal look. Would you see Sharon Stone with an Afro? I don’t think so.. I am not trying to make a racial debate, but it does provide some form of curiosity regards to how we should identity ourselves..

Nevertheless, RiRi kills it!