Julius – 2012 A/W Collection

Julius, oh how much I love that name (it was my brother’s name)! cult Japanese brand JULIUS has established an avant-garde look that retains the gothic styling of past signature collections. With an all black palette, designer Tatsuro Horikawa tends to give a somewhat Rick Owens approach with its futuristic looks. I love the draping on the Top garments! It really delivers an androgynous feel.

Christian Dior : Couture Collection 2012

Its quite interesting how I would have to view a Christian Dior couture show without John Galliano. He was considered to be one of my all time favorite designers with his strong theatrical Victorian inspired aesthetic. During the time Paris Fashion Week was slowly being approached, I was skeptical whether they will reveal a couture collection or not. The collection turned over a new leaf.

The collection exudes 1960’s fashion with its gingham, houndstooth print and draping of the dresses. There were some ensembles with beaded crystals, embroilment flowers, and sheer gowns delivering a sexy nostalgic appeal. I am personally glad to see Dior being back in the scene.


Paris Fashion Week: Dior Homme A/W 2012 CollectionParis Fashion Week: Dior Homme – A/W 2012 Collection

Saluting another collection I liked from Paris Fashion Week from Dior Homme. It has appeared Dior Homme’s creative director, Kris Van Assche, has focused on a military theme. The outerwear and color palette truly gave away the inspiration from the start! One of the interest looks about the military trend from the rest is how Kris Van Assche had the models walk down the runway with capes, which I would see generals would wear in the movies. I am not sure if anyone has seen Jet Li’s fist of legend as he fought the japanese army!

One thing out of the collection I was not feeling were 4 button suits. I’m not all the way with 3 button suits, but 4 buttons though? What differentiate the suit from a J Anthony Brown suit are the clean lines. Other than that, there are some relaxed pieces (trousers and outerwear). Continuing the currents of shearling, piping and technical fabrics, crisp combative silhouettes, I sense a more dramatic feel opposed to the previous collections.


Paris Fashion Week: Hermes – 2012 A/W Collection

Hermès creative director Veronique Nichanian kept to a dark color palette. With impeccable construction, in a sea of somber suiting and outerwear, pieces like a soft trench from leather created a wow factor when not embraced by sleek trousers as well as carryalls. This is probably one of my favorite collections so far when it comes to design.


Paris Fashion Week: Yves St Laurent A/W 2012 collection

The images featured are from the Yves St Laurent A/W 2012 collection. It appeared Stefano Pilati took the absolute route regards to the color palette. Simply because majority of the color palette is black and charcoal doesn’t mean it lacked in design. There was some gorgeous leather garments. It is really interesting seeing leather pants making a hit in the collection. I always felt Yves Laurent was slightly conservative (yet chic), but I was proved wrong. There were alot of draping in the trousers, futuristic tops which surprisingly delivers a slight edge.




Dries Van Noten: Paris Fashion Week – A/W 2012 collection

Psychedelic Elegance–A keynote of any Dries Van Noten collection, prints really spoke great volumes this season. Taking Oscar Wilde’s dandy and lending him an attitude befitting of music artist Frank Zappa, the season was Van Noten’s canvas. Keeping fall’s inspirations on a tight leash, the backbone of the collection was entrusted to sharp overcoats and pleated trousers, narrow and wide. With fine form at the collection’s heart, next came exciting prints in vivid colors. Dressing sweaters and pants for a psychedelic reemergence, Van Noten no doubt made a loud statement, but also delivered charm subtly with finer print motifs and luxurious fabrications such as velvet driving his effortless elegance home.


Paris Fashion Week: Jean Paul Gaultier – A/W 2012 collection

Taking the inspiration from everyday elements was shown at the Jeal Paul Gaultier‘s A/W 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The collection was full of elegance with a dose rural and urban looks. The garments in the beginning of the show showcased were in brick print. I kinda got mixed feeling of the brick print; however, I began to appreciate it a little more because I tend to view bricks as “laying down a specific foundation” (life perhaps).

In my opinion, Jean Paul Gaultier always has some of the most interesting collections. Besides his designs from the 5th element, I really gain alot of respect for collection from his fall 2010 collection with models rocking boxers glove and bruised make up. I expect to nothing but greatness from him.


Paris Fashion Week: Rick Owens – A/W 2012 collection

Rick Owens is indeed the king of avant garde fashion. Presenting the latest looks from his A/W 2012 collection were a some changes from the aesthetic. For example, the trousers took a step by embracing a wider silhouette. The jackets were fastened with one button for an asymmetrical close gives an immediate signature outerwear design from him.  I always love his leather garments and how the clothes drape so beautifully. Cropped jackets delivering a fantastic silhouette is a true essence of a Rick Owens look.



Paris Fashion Week: Victor & Rolf – A/W collection 2012

One of the first shows at Paris Fashion Week was Victor&Rolf’s A/W 2012 collection. There is an array of leather pieces throughout this collection. One of the most surprising ensembles was the leather overalls over the baseball jacket, shirt and tie. I noticed Rihanna made an attempt to make the look trendy from her return in 2009, but it quickly disappeared afterwards. Being from Kentucky, I should have thought about something like this ensemble……Now back to the collection shall we……..One thing that stole the show were the jackets! The jackets appear to give that great line without feeling a little bit bulky, which is nice.

The blazers were absolutely goregous. Although there was a small range of different textures, they still pack they sophisicated punch through the choices of geometric prints, varigated stripes, etc. Incredibly dope!


Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuittion – A/W 2012 collection

Nothing amazes me about life more than inspiration. Louis Vuitton‘s A/W collection simply made an example. Taking the inspiration from fashion illustrator, Antonio Lopez, the collection has a strong emphasis looks from the seventies and eighties. I love the suits in the collection. Louis Vuitton always play it safe, yet still strive to keep their suits modern.

Found outside tailored bliss that brushes upon double-breasted coats in camel, the baseball jackets are gonna still be in for the fall. I love how they manipulate the contrast of the fabrics with exotic skins and furs. During those times, furs were very glamorous from the pimps to the Hollywood elite. I am completely safe to say, although the inspiration derived from the seventies and eighties, these are investment pieces which would always stay chic!


Dw by Kanye West’s Runway Collection S/S 2012

One of the most anticipated collections to witness from Paris Fashion Week was from Hip-Hop artist/fashion icon/aspiring designer, Kanye West. The collections was shown on October 1st Paris, France at 9:00. Some of the most influential fashion figures of today such Anna WIntour, Lindsey Lohan, Terry Richardson, Jeremy Scott, and the Olson twins to name a few were in attendance for this historical moment.

This has been considered to be one of the most pivotal and critical points in Mr. West history regards to fashion. His collection will determined in the fashion world whether he should be taken seriously in the future.  The Pastelle project was never completed due to various reasons (which I can understand to an extent based on his aesthetics over the years). On the other hand, once I heard the rumors were true for his womenswear collection to be launched, I was eagerly excited to see what the creative genius had up his sleeve! After the viewing of the collection, there were some extreme reviews from various sources.

The reviews I have read were not by any means complimentary to the overall collection. If you really want my true opinion, it was not bad.. However, being a fan of Kanye’s from day one, I was expecting something over the top, edgy, FASHION FORWARD! The garments were so been there/done that from previous collections from other designers. There was a little bit of Maz Azria, Francisco Acosta with Calvin Klein Collection or a little bit of Balmain. The collection did not show or EXPRESS the true creativity of Kanye West all the way (along the exception of the fur/leather combo or the descontructed hoodies)!

If the collection reflected the women in his life such as the consersative yet sex appeal vibes of Alexis Phifer to the Edginess of Amber Rose or the impact of Donda West had on his life would have suffice for creativity. These women within their own right completed Kanye in a certain period of time truly complimented his style.  The choices of fabrics were great along with the clean lines which appeared to be laser cut. I was a little irritated on the blue trousers with the orange crotch. His choice of models were great. For example, it was great to see a minority model such as Chanel Iman walk down the runway as the final look.

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The only true gripe I have is the fact Kanye has not geared a collection towards his demographic. There was NO sense having any garments which was to reflect or exhibit the urban demographic whatsoever. I understand how us black people fail the chance of supporting offer, but come on! Jay Z was actually smart enough to actually cater to the demographic which has helped him become successful today! It may be affordable and not high end, but it does show acknowledgment of him providing his supporters clothing which is based on the music he’s made throughout the years.

Some People argue he should just stick to rapping. Its not a fair thing to say when its a person first collection. Don;t you designers think you can go into the booth spit a few bars and have a Jim Moore or Miss Jay Alexander collab on the album; Just would not happen lol!! The womenswear collection will either make or break Kanye. Kanye West is not easily broken, but being a fashion icon requires several high expectations. That is like a guy admiring the curves of a volumpuous woman, but only to find out she isn’t as appealing once the clothes are. Not necessarily saying she looks bad, but the expectations does not equate with result.

image source: Freshness Mag

N***** in Paris…… Fashion Week

The NBA stars have been showing a perfect attendance to New York Fashion week, but where was Yeezy? This week there has been alot of discussion going on in the media regards to Kanye West not being a main figure attending  New York fashion week. Known for his incredible style and taste for aesthetics, this is not a usual thing to witness or hear. Kanye always makee fashionable statement while being the celebrity people love to talk about.  Like the VMAs, people are eagerly anticipating what Kanye has up his sleeve. The truth is we don’t know.

However, there are speculation Mr. West will have a slot to showcase his debut collection at Paris Fashion Show, according to Harper’s Bazzaar Australia. The women’s collection will be shown on October 1st approx. 9 A.M. (hopefully that is EST).  With the help of a fashion editor from Harper’s Bazaar, Christine Centenera, who will be guiding the aspiring designer as a consultant. Honestly right now this is hearsay because last time it was Louise Wilson (presidident of  the MA fashion course in Central St. Martins).

The truth is no one cares any longer! Shifting stories  of what is going to be in featured is highly skeptical. For example, Would the collection be appealing in regards to other demographics. We all know he has a way of exhibiting his material! Is the women’s collection gonna provide a retro vibe or is going to have some Drapy ancient Greek inspired gowns and Motif prints  like Versace (come to think of it, WTF happened to pastelle????). Judging fro his aesthetics, I would not be surprised if he is trying to be like the black Alexander McQueen. At least give us a sneak peek lol!!