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Earlier within the week, I forget to make an outfit post. Balance is essential in everyday life. I personally love to apply high fashion pieces with high street garments. Never wanna give myself the impression of being a frivolous label whore. A classic chambray shirt I got on sale from express pair with some 👖 slim cut #20jeans, this abstract raf by #rafsimons t shirt 👕, and my favorite black #maisonmartinmargiela leather and suede trainers 👟. Depending on the proportions, it can deliver either a laid back urban/grungy vibe.

High Fashion Sneakers for Adidas.. Yay or Nay???


Raf Simons + Adidas

It has appears Adidas has been adding more designers into their roster. The shoe and clothing brand has been known for their collaborations with SLVR, Opening Ceremony and Yohji Yamamoto with Y-3. Now, Rick Owens and Raf Simons has gone aboard to design for them as well. One thing I would like to say is everything designer doesn’t mean its going to be dope, no shade. For example, I have absolutely have no comprehension besides the fashion hypebeasts to be purchase some sneakers which look like orthopedic shoes with horse hoofs.

Rick Owens for Adidas

                                                    Rick Owens for Adidas

These very same designers I truly admire and have captivating collections who inspire creative individuals to understand fashion beyond the garments themselves. Honestly, these designers we discussing don’t even find inspiration from garments themselves. Instead, it’s the architectural, visual art and furniture designs. Often times, their visions can easily be backfired. If anyone has been paying attention to the recent collections, Raf Simons included the footwear for Adidas into his collection. There are some unique design approaches such as the “shoe-in-shoe” concept, while unveiling new styles for greater variance and depth. The colorful sneakers are unisex in numerous colorways and various styles. Despite this is an Adidas sneaker, you can still see its aesthetic and breaking border shapes for definitely Raf Simons.


Raf Simons + Adidas

Out of the sneakers from Raf Simons, I am feeling only a couple of sneakers from the collection. Clearly, this is not like a sneaker for any or everyone when it come  to design. I skeptical to see how well these will sell. When it comes to the avant-garde, I am all for it. At the end of the day, I am not fully sure if the world is truly ready for these next generation sneakers (at least in American pop culture).

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“Iron Will”

The 3 Button Vengeance


It’s amazing how the fashion cycle functions! One trend is out whereas there’s that ” it item” to obtain. With that being said, I remember not to long ago 3 button jackets (i.e. suits, blazers, sport-coats, etc) were frowned upon because they were considered outdated. To be honest, I have also fallen for that sartorial trap (within the exception of my Thom Browne blazer for Neiman Marcus Target collection). On the flip side, revolutionary designers such Junya Wantanabe, Raf Simons, and Dior Homme decided to fight against the fashion norm while challenging its “sartorial etiquette” .  In fact, they have been embracing this for the past few seasons in their collections. Based on proper suiting, its been a golden rule to only button the middle button (occasionally the first 2) and never button all three! However, these designers counter attacked with the utilization of all three! It does look appealing, but its not for everyone. I question whether if this will strike a vengeance as a major trend for others to fall sheep for or another trend to defy the old-fashioned rules (i.e. not wearing white after labor day).

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The floral connection



it has been confirmed the high fashion menswear e-commerce site, Mr Porter was collaborating with a few designers on capsule collections to be sold exclusively online. The list included the likes of Alexander Wang, Beams Plus, and, of course, Raf Simons.

Simons’ menswear lines have been impressive thus far, constantly getting co-signs from A$AP Rocky and plenty of other celebrities. His collection for Mr Porter isn’t far from that of his Spring/Summer 2013 collection for his eponymous line, which caught the eye of the e-commerce shop’s senior buyer, Terry Betts. “”Raf’s use of color and Kurt Cobain-inspired grunge florals combined to make his SS13 show one of our favorites,” Betts told i-D magazine.

There are dressier garments, as well as sweatshirts, tees, and jackets to suit your more casual days. See the collection in all its glory in this spread shot by Jeff Hahn. Available on Mr Porter starting May 28


En Noir with Ssense

slide-1-0  I love the direction Ssense has done to their website. Not only are they selling some of the best ready to wear garments, they are also giving FREE editorials looks. This particular shoot is fantastic! Styled with some of the hottest labels such as Rick Owens, Givenchy, and Raf Simons, it gives street style fashion! The gloomy and melancholy backgrounds truly embraces the street goth aesthetic, which is effortless and stylish.

Is this the end of magazine subscriptions because I am starting to see more fashion retail websites follow suit. People able to see editorial quality shoots far less than the publications. Despite the slow progression of the economy, it still doesn’t beat people trying to find a small substitute to save money (even if they spending it all on high fashion goods)slide-2-0 slide-2-1 slide-3-0 slide-6-0

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Fashion Killa – A$AP Rocky

oki-ni-styled-by-aap-rocky-1Hip-Hop sensation of the moment, A$AP Rocky, has been on popular demand. With his anticipated album released early January, and making appearances to fashion, the harlem native is on his hustle! This time he graced his presence with the high fashion retailer, Oki-Ni, with some dope threads from Raf Simons, Maison Martin Margiela, Paul Smith and Rick Owens (my favorites labels). Sometimes I contemplate how people seriously gag over his sense of style. However, I seriously love his extreme interest and ideology when it comes to fashion. This guy certainly knows his shit and not afraid to show it. Are the clothes are going to get “weirder”? We shall find out?!

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“Iron Will”

Raf Simons Fall/winter 2013 collection


“I think it’s interesting that it’s very mixed-up,” Raf Simons was saying after a show where every second outfit had something other to say. “You can perceive it in different ways. And that’s been especially my aim in the last couple of years. I don’t want it to be perceived only in one way anymore.” In other words, read what you would into the collection Simons showed tonight. He’d give it all to you. Yes, there was a strong dandy element in spare, slightly A-line coats with an angular tie at the throat. Yes, that was Puss ‘n’ Boots in the cartoon graphic of a jacquard, because Simons said he’d become fascinated by the psychology of cartoon characters like Puss, indomitable in the face of endless uncontrollable setbacks. (Wile E. Coyote also won Raf’s heart.) Yes, there were echoes of early-seventies Bowie-ness in fitted knit vests over baggy trousers. And, for those with a fashion memory, that was Simons’ own past, the Kinetic Youth show of Spring/Summer 1999 to be exact, circling back in the colors—aubergine, beige, yellow, pink, blue—and the proportions.

But the key that truly unlocked the collection might have been the recurring graphic motif of an abstract head framed by a question mark. (It looked a bit like the PBS logo.) “I’ve been questioning the whole idea of what is men’s fashion now, where I would want it to go,” Simons said. First on his hit list was a redefinition of silhouette. “The defined silhouette over the last six or seven years has been very Balenciaga-inspired for everyone, myself included. It’s become a garderobe [a wardrobe] and it doesn’t feel like high fashion that says something to me personally.” Raf’s solution? A shift in volume, away from slim pants and fitted blazers, and a move away from the notion of matching, toward something looser and less controlled, trouser hems touching the floor, sleeves stripped away. Then there were the shirt-cuffs unbuttoned, the collars pointing skyward, the sleeves hastily shoved up. OK, those last flourishes were stylist flimflam, but it wasn’t hard to get the picture. And that picture’s title? Kinetic Youth Returns.

The only other designer asking the questions that Simons asks in the way he asks them is Miuccia Prada, and there were discernible parallels with her work in the collection that he showed tonight. “No bonding, no neoprene, no futurist, just wool and cotton,” he said of his fabrics. Into that, read this: you can go back to go forward. Look at Raf himself. We should all be so happy.


Jil Sander 2013 fall/winter collection


Jil Sander’s 2013 fall/winter collection has an array of attitudes ranging from tall collars, double-breasted coats, and strong reds and greens featured heavily throughout. The bold Blues and vibrant Reds is what stood out to me the most. Patterns and textures also made a strong appearance with a wide selection of pinstripes, checks and chunky knits. I am not sure if this is my favorite collection from the brand. For example, I don’t know how to feel about the sleeveless sweaters. Honestly, everything else looks great. Something is telling me its not what I get excited for when Raf Simons was at the creative director seat. I am just saying..

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“Iron Will”

Raf Simons Interview – Dior Haute Couture fall/winter 2012

Recently, Raf Simons showcased the haute couture collection Christian Dior. This a highly anticipation for many fashion viewers. Instead of displaying images, I felt like it was best to post a video which explains Simons’ aesthetic for the collection. His angle of the juxtaposition of classic and modern was dead on! It’s really a safe way to maintain the essence of the Dior brand while provided his own twist behind it. Sometimes its best to get their vision from the source.

Raf Simons – I-D Magazine Summer 2012

The fashion world has confirmed the Raf Simon’s career change. It looks like he will be shifting from minimalist ensembles to a bed of floral draped couture dress for Christian Dior. Photographed by Willy Vanderperre for one of i-D’s eight covers for its Summer 2012 issue.  I would admit this is the first time I have seen the designer share such energy through the lens. He appears to be an introvert who vents his emotions throughout his collections. His last collection for Jil Sander was gorgeous with pillars of flowers on the runway celebrating a great departure to a new beginning.

Trading Places

There has been a display of tag pertaining to creative positions in the fashion world. Designers are being resigned leaving from one fashion house to another. Last week we have learned Belgian Designer Raf Simons has left Jil Sander being speculated to design for Dior while Jil Sander’s own will be returning to her named brand (recently finished the final collaboration collection with Uniqlo).

According to WWD (Womens Wear Daily), Stefano Pilati will be resigning from Yves St Laurent after presenting his final collection next month. The rumored replacement has been told will be Hedi Slimane.  however, there is some form of shock to actually see good ole Stefano no longer being at the Parisian fashion house. Its almost like hearing Alber Elbaz leaving Lanvin or Phoebe Philo leaving Celine. This is fashion madness!! This speculation will be lead all of fashionistas on the edge of our seats for whose going where.

In my opinion, I would love to see Raf Simons being placed at YSL. Due to his success with Jil Sander, there is nothing he can do wrong anywhere! Clearly he would give a fresh take on the label. Of course there is not a doubt in my mind for Slimane to do the same. Being from a 7 year hiatus from fashion to focus more on photography, the expectations will be significantly increase!

The main concern is the chemistry from their former design team. Naturally we all know about the designers; however, we have no clue about the individuals who contributed towards the collections! There is no way only one person could make an entire collection in that particular by themselves in such timely manner. A connection as such does not happen overnight. Designers being tossed left to right like rag dogs has to be stressful as well for their design team while we on the outside view it as if it’s, “The young and the Restless”. We shall see what else gonna said in 2012.

Raf Simons Leaves Jil Sander

It has been reported the Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, recently “chucked up the deuces” as creative director of Jil Sander. With this resignation, I am skeptical for his role with Dior is official or not. However, where ever Simons take this role else where is unknown for the moment neither has Jil Sander announced their replacement. Raf Simons has done a tremendous job being there close to a decade. There are some major shoes to fill in whoever the designer maybe.