A Night at Ramsi’s Part Deux


it has been a year since the last dinner hosted by one of Louisville’s dopest photographers, Bil Brown of Black and Grey Magazine. Bil has been constantly building his brand throughout the east and west coast working with some of the upcoming models and fashion designers (i.e. Gunnar Deathridge).  During the dinner, he announced the status of Louisville is slowly making a mark in the creative field of pop culture.



Photographers, stylist (including myself), models, artist were all jointed together in holy aesthetic matrimony. It was really great to hear things are slowly coming together with some of the artist in the city. I, on the other hand, has been working developing my own brand outside the city (also within the city). Mingling with old faces along new faces never gets old faces. A glorious moment to network.  Nothing beat being around others who understand art beyond the comprehension of the norms. I think they call us art freaks for a reason lol. we make the world go round… more projects coming soon.


My ensemble: Since the meeting was very short notice, I thought I should make a look which consisted of both buisness and pleasure. The shirt actually brought an exotic element to the outfit along with the shoes. I personally felt it was appropriate for the occasion. Express blazer; Maison Martin Margiela t shirt; my karate pants from Macho Martial Arts; Maison Martin Margiela x HM loafers; Forever 21 pocket square


Dinner at Ramsi’s

The other night I have received a message from an extraordinary artist/photographer/visionary, Bil Brown, who was hosting a meeting with some other great artistic individuals in the city. The meeting started at 7 o clock. I didn’t get off work until 8. One thing I have learned from many successful people is you would have to sacrifice to get to where you wanted to go.

Fortunately I got the chance to leave work early to attend the meeting. My day job is decent, but it is not something I see myself doing for the next 1-2 years. Time does not wait for no one when it comes to the hustle! Closed mouths don’t get fed, so I have been told…

The gathering was incredible! There were numerous models, photographers, artists and stylists (including myself) who were mingling in a harmonious manner. You can feel the connection of each individual, which was a liberating feeling. Besides a few people here, there is not that many people I would communicate about fashion. Sure its like 4 – 5 people, but not like everyone in the circle! Seeing people playing with their cameras taking snapshots as the models were posing while all were talking was great

2012 is going to be a major year for us fabulous people. Its very important for us to surround ourselves with the right group of people. Although we should be able to motivate ourselves, like minded individuals  ease your load (in a inspirational sense)