H&M’s Web-Store Confirmation

hm-pano_25032H&M has always had an online presence, but try to buy something from the fast fashion brand’s website, and you will get sent straight to the nearest store. An online shop was  always the downfall of the brand. It was first reported that the date for the launch of the much-anticipated feature would be around June 2013. Unfortunately, we surpassed mid July!

On the other hand, there has been notification the fast fashion brand will be launching their US web store in August. Honestly, that’s that shit which pisses me off. It has been speculation the brand were going to launch a store in Louisville this fall. Soon as we gotten our wish from rubbing the fashion genie bottle, the web store will be launched around the same time. I suppose its better late than never. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

“Iron Will”


Air Yeezy 2 Release Date

It has been reported the highly anticipated sneaker, Nike Air Yeezy (The sneakers of Kanye West) is schedule to launch March 24th, 2012. I don’t know about you guys, but its time to save some change before they drop!

The 1st edition Air Yeezy’s swept every shoe store they’ve entered. People are still being sold to the highest bidder on ebay. These will be no exception!