The Power of “Ki”


What is Ki?

Here in the West we tend to measure strength in terms of muscle power, while in the east they often refer to the “power of the spirit.” However, what would happen if a person was able to truly tap completely into both, simultaneously? Ki or Chi development is exactly this, but it takes years to properly develop. It begins and ends with Abdominal deep breathing. This wondrous universe throbs with pulsating energy, and energized particles known as negative ions pour down from the sun during the day, to all living things. At night, these same ions are released as positive ions from the earth. It is no secret that it is because of this, the ancient masters practiced outside during the early morning hours, in order to immerse their bodies inside, and out with the energy of life itself.

“Ki”, like any other force can be misapplied negatively depending on the point of view of the practitioner. Therefore, strong Ki doesn’t necessarily mean good ki. They knew that if the knowledge fell into the hands of those that seek to hurt, maim, and destroy, a terrible perversion of power would be unleashed upon the world. However, more often than not these individuals of ego, only go after what they believe to be effective, or worthy of what they deem to be practical. As a result, this “McDonald’s have it your way” approach leads most of them to not go after all of the knowledge necessary to truly reach their full potential. And this is good.

This is the reason that the ancient masters sought only to train those who they believed possessed a “spirit” worthy of the cultivation of “Ki”. Decent individuals who possessed humility, respect, morals, and cultured spirituality. These human beings went out as beacons of light, spreading dignity, refinement, and love into the world. And only when necessary, to defend another’s life, or their own, did they use their cultivated “Ki” against another living person. Again, “Ki” begins and ends with Abdominal deep breathing, and there are no shortcuts. Yearly, practice within the seasonal elements themselves … with the intent to cultivate the breath of life, the ultimate gift that the “Creator of all things” has blessed us with during our human forms, but only for a very short period of time.


Kate vs. Kate

  W Magazine’s March edition features supermodel Kate Moss embracing her good and bad side. Photographer Steven Klein and fashion director Edward Enninful team up for a darker look at the spring collections featuring pieces from labels such as Balenciaga, Jil Sander, The Row and Louis Vuitton. I would admit it was kinda hard to decide whether I love the shoot or not (based on spiritual reasons). However, I do appreciate the imagery involved. Being in America, people find the smallest things as offensive. Sure Kate Moss is wearing a habit in a dark cathedral. Aren’t most cathedrals has a Gothic presence behind them? At least she is not trying to seduce the cross in her hand until like some people. I have the strangest feeling some would consider this as “controversial”, which shouldn’t be the case.